Spirit Airlines Fight Involves Teens And 7 Months’ Pregnant Woman, Everyone Gets Banned

Passengers have been banned from Spirit Airlines after an on board brawl on Saturday that involved two teenagers and a pregnant woman on one side, and two passengers who were kicking a seat back on another, in an incident that’s gone viral across social media platforms.

According to a woman who identifies as the grandmother of one of the passengers that was fighting “[t]he guy in the black t-shirt and his girlfriend were fighting” after asking that passengers not kick the back of her granddaughter’s seat. That led to cursing and escalated to “snatching” a pregnant woman’s hair.

That’s when things really got out of control between the “guy and his girl” (who were said to be kicking the back of a seat) and the “2 minors” (who complained about the kicking) as well as the “7 months’ pregnant woman” who was aunt to the two younger passengers. A flight attendant made an announcement threatening to divert the aircraft.

There are two different angles to the incident, though we really only know one side to the story.

Credit: Baller Alert

Law enforcement met the aircraft, and the two passengers who were initially kicking the seat back were reportedly arrested. Spirit Airlines issued passenger bans, as the grandmother reports, “None of the[m] can fly Spirit Airlines. Zero [tolerance] policy it is what it is.”

I’ve written that “all airline passengers are Spirit Airlines passengers now” with business travel not yet restarted in earnest and planes full of leisure customers. But Spirit Airlines passengers flying Spirit can still outdo themselves. Spirit Airlines has been contacted for comment and I will update if they respond.

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  1. Meh! – Just another day. No news here. The behavior we see on planes reflect society.

  2. Obnoxious passengers on Spirit Airlines don’t just act like this in the air, they also act like this in stores and on the road.

  3. You know that feeling you get when you accidentally drive the wrong neighbourhood. I flew getto er… Spirit once and only once!

  4. Another reason why I sit in the front row and keep my noise-cancelling earbuds near.
    You get what you pay for.

  5. And America wants MORE low-cost airlines? An airliner is NO PLACE for such foolishness. Send the ones who do this directly to jail, let the IRS collect their huge fines, and ban them from flying on ANY airline – FOREVER!

  6. Gary,
    Can you ever do a post or comment on the technical and business processes that an airline would use to ban a pax? For instance, what if a ban pax entered an incorrect DOB? Do some airlines have a more sophisticated technical and business process for banning pax? Is it possible some airlines make a huge hoopla about banning pax, but they really do not have the appropriate back end technical infrastructure to enforce the ban?

    Does the technikcal process for the ban kick in at the time of ticketing or the time of check-in?

    I suppose if a pax has an unusual name a ban may be easier, but what if they have a more common name?

  7. Spirit Airlines has to be one of the biggest recipients of peoples stimmy check spending.

  8. masks

    alter our emotional state.

    masks don’t stop viruses – they don’t work in surgical settings, many studies on that.

    it’s just a tool of control. Haven’t worked anywhere. ONly places they appear to stop – actually environmental and ethnic factors – China/Aus/NZ/Taiwan.

  9. Underrated moment- the chunky white boy standing up to intervene with plumbers butt till Sunday

  10. Ban all teenagers from flying….problem solved! ITS NOT SPIRT AIRLINES FAULT!!

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