Stolen Credit Card Marketplace Shuts Down Permanently

The Cybercriminal marketplace for stolen credit cards, Joker’s Stash, is shutting down permanently February 15 – decommissioning servers and wiping all backups.

“It’s time for us to leave forever,” the administrator wrote, adding in caps that “we will never ever open again,” as a warning about possible impostors trying to capitalize on the move by impersonating them.

Credit: Gemini Advisory

Since 2014 this site has sold ‘fresh stolen credit card data’ with ‘a promise of card validity.’ However the FBI and Interpol closed in this year, taking over blockchain domains they had been using as proxy servers for their Tor service. And they had seen a drop in activity when their administrator came down with Covid-19 and reported being hospitalized.

Moreover, the quality of the stolen cards they had been selling declined as well, because there have been fewer in-person card transactions during the pandemic and they’ve relied on hacked online card transactions. “Card not present” transactions are a less reliable source for good stolen credit cards.

Credit: Gemini Advisory

Still, Joker’s Stash claims to have added over 40 million new stolen cards in 2020 from sources including “Wawa, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, and Champagne French Bakery and Cafe.” It’s estimated by Gemini Advisory that total revenue for the site exceeds one billion dollars, kept in bitcoin.

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  1. Good call & +1, Loungeabuser! A 100$ decline means that something goes to zero! Profits can decline more than 100% if an entity starts losing money, but there cannot be a negative amount of data or card numbers!
    Or perhaps it’s a double negative on this chart, but that means the chart is upside down! A decline of minus 200% means it INCREASED 200$, a.k.a. tripled! 😀

  2. Sure they think their out, but some young hotshot will end up pulling them back in for one last big score.

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