Stowaway Found in Baggage Hold of Flight from Havana

A 26 year old worker at the Havana airport stowed away in the baggage hold of a Swift Air charter flight to Miami.

Apparently witnesses heard “what sounded like a dog barking in the cargo area” and upon investigation found the man who “asked for water.”

The flight arrived just after midnight early Friday morning. The man was taken into custody by Customs and Border Protection. As in Hong Kong people want to be free.

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  1. “As in Hong Kong people want to be free.” – That is not what the hong kong protests are about. That is what western media (that don’t bother to do any research) and Beijing (which wants to justify the use of force if needed) claim they are about. What the demands of the protests are:
    The complete withdrawal of the proposed extradition bill
    The government to withdraw the use of the word “riot” in relation to protests
    The unconditional release of arrested protesters and charges against them dropped
    An independent inquiry into police behavior
    Implementation of genuine universal suffrage

    The protests are not about freedom in the sense of some that is some sort of revolution for independence.The protests are not an attempt to break away from one country two systems.

  2. Didnt anyone tell this Cuban guy he lives in a communist paradise?? Why would he want to leave?? Dont all these people understand how lucky they are to be free from the evil capitalist pigs?

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