Strategy for Coping With United’s Slimline Seats and Lawyers Salivating Over Airline Disasters

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  1. I don’t think you meant it that way, Gary, but that last slimline video bit is creepy in a dirty-old-man sort of way. I’d very strongly suggest deleting it.

  2. View from the clickbait. We should be thankful that it wasn’t Angela Merkel putting on that show in economy….

  3. Just tonight, while changing a plastic garbage bag, I noticed printing that notified me that the bag is not a toy and could suffocate an unsuspecting person (child). Attorneys in the US and Britain can find opportunities anywhere.
    So the Lion Air tragedy, from a legal perspective, will be interesting. It looks like Boeing did inform airlines of the difference between the Max and a non-Max 737 as United knew about it and trained on it. SWA and AA and ALPA union have a lot of explaining to do after they said it was the first they heard about the feature. Every variation of aircraft model in the same family (737) has variations that the pilot must learn.
    The single point of failure theory that lawyers will use to implicate Boeing will be difficult to prove if the manual explains to pilots when, why, and how to correct the situation Lion faced.
    But I could look at the bright side and thank Morgan &Morgan for keeping all of my favorite radio stations and television programs on the air. I think the alternative is political ads and ED remedies.

  4. The headline about lawyers salivating over airline disasters is misleading. The article is pretty much about two so-called lawyers that dont seem to be acting as real lawyers at all. The headline makes it sound like the entire legal profession is out there just waiting for planes to crash which is nonsense. In addition im sure if you had a loved one killed in an airline disaster you’d be the first in line trying to hire an attorney. Don’t kid yourself.

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