Stupid is as Stupid Does and 60% No Notice Devaluation

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  1. @ Gary — You can be sure that the idiot who doesn’t know that PR is part of the USA voted for and will again vote for THE IDIOT. Make American Stupid Again.

  2. As a Memphis native, I can say that it truly is sad to see it lose Memphis International lose its hub status. While I was only about 15 years old when the merger happened, I remember it clearly being a bustling airport. It won a ton of awards when it was opened for the champagne glass architecture at the ticketing hall.

    If you ever get the chance to go to Memphis, make sure to check out the FedEx area. While you can’t access it, you have to drive by it on the way to the airport. It’s SO fascinating.

  3. Typical idiot Republicans, equating a misspeak by President Obama (who is still better liked by the current temp resident) with absolute ignorance by a Republican.

  4. Honestly we have business having a stake in territories like PR, Guam, etc if we’re going to deny them statehood. What happened to no taxation without representation? What happened to literally having a revolution over colonialism? American hypocrisy once again. The only reason why the territories aren’t states is because the party of racism can’t stand letting brown people vote.

  5. @Truth “…President Obama (who is still better liked by the current temp resident)..”

    And Neville Chamberlain was hugely popular in 1938 after the Munich agreement. How’d that work out??? (And that guy after him was hugely unpopular at first….). Truth hurts!

  6. @Truth- this from someone who is somehow sure how someone else voted, never mind IF he or she voted.

  7. Told your Puerto Rico drivers license is not from the US? I can meet if not top that. Checked into a Phoenix hotel and was asked where I was from. When I said “Maine”, the very nice person at the desk asked if I needed a passport to come to the US. THIRD time that has happened….

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