SuperShuttle Going Out Of Business December 31st

The ubiquitous blue vans will be no more after the end of the year. They’ve been pulling out of several airports in recent weeks. Now they’re pulling the plug worldwide.

The shared rides, that were cheaper than a taxi but took longer because you might make several stops along the way, suffered reduced ridership thanks to Uber and Lyft.

The company was only just sold to Bethesda, Maryland-based private equity firm Blackstreet Capital Holdings in September.

Credit: SuperShuttle

I’m only disappointed with this news because SuperShuttle is still allowed to pick up passengers curbside at LAX, and out of nostalgia. They last time I used SuperShuttle was for a US Airways Grand Slam promo credit.

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  1. Market forces in play, this is why we love the USA. The market has decided. Super Shuttle had become a lazy dog.

    Take note Australia, UK. let the market decide and that dickhead London Mayor Sadiq Kunt banning Uber, what a Khant. We will decide buddy. I don’t need you and your warped views deciding for me how I get out of an airport.

    If not enough people use the service because it’s no good, they will go out of business, Super Shuttle is the prefect example, something better came along, people decided, Voila! Didn’t need you interfering with your narrow minded views.

  2. robbo: I don’t think that is the whole story. In fact, Uber and Lyft gained an upper hand as loss leaders and by playing by a totally different set of market rules (i.e. claiming no employees) than cabs and shared rides. No permits, no employee protections, just this ridiculous notion that people were ‘sharing’ their cars and rides. We all know that is not true, and they are basically unregulated taxi services (with an app). And when they have driven the other ride companies out of business, and eventually have to actually play by the same rules, we will all pay for it.

    I am not a huge fan of Super Shuttle, but said to lose it as an option.

  3. Good riddance. We booked their private “car service” for a roundtrip airport transfer last year. Returned to LAX with our 2yo old at 11pm (flight on time) Anne told no car available for 90 minutes. We had to take a cab to South Orange county at 2.5 the cost. They graciously refunded the cost of the one-way, and offered a 10% discount on a future ride.

  4. @robbo – do you think you are being funny with that racist and vlugar political comment? Just unnecessary, and a sure sign that we can ignore whatever point you are trying to make.

    Back on topic: I stopped with Super Shuttle about 10 years when the driver’s route took him within 5 blocks of my apartment, but he wouldn’t deviate or stop to let me off. And then proceeded to drive for another 45 minutes and drop me off last. “Because that’s what the preassigned order was”

  5. @robbo: You do know that juvenile name calling and letting your racist show just makes you look sad and stupid. Why don’t you go back to watching Foxnews and let the grown ups talk here.

    I wonder what Blackstreet thought their play was going be? You could see this coming a mile away.

  6. @robbo: You are SPOT ON (especially the Mayor of London!)! Ignore the comments from the #SNOWFLAKES. Good riddance!

  7. @GREG LYON – read again:

    “SuperShuttle, the shared van ride that has served passengers heading to and from airports around the world, including Los Angeles International Airport, will cease operations at the end of the year.

    …two SuperShuttle reservations agents reached by telephone confirmed that the company was going out of business, as did a company executive who was not authorized to speak publicly.

    ..The shutdown will leave franchisees in the lurch — hundreds of them in California alone.”

  8. Cars, including taxis, Uber, Lyft, should be banned from all airports, unless they are carrying at least 4 passengers. Everyone else should take public transport or shuttle vehicles. Luggage can be delivered by courier companies. All vehicles must be electric to be permitted to access airport grounds. I expect this to happen over the next decade

  9. SuperShuttle in Jacksonville is (was?) great, and I’ve never had to ride with another person. Excellent service in Palo Alto/San Jose, also, along with their Exeucar division in Long Beach.

    Burbank SuperShuttle was a disappointing disaster, though. No loss from it being gone in Burbank.

  10. Supershuttle hasn’t been a good deal for some time now….it’s much cheaper, even at LAX, to just rent a car

  11. I used them several times when I lived in the D.C. area and found them useful. Since out of principle I do not use Uber or Lyft, it’s now drive to the airport and park, have a friend or family member take me, or take a real taxicab. Public transit is preferred but doesn’t work from where I live now.

  12. I love people like Paolo. They are the same type of people who walk out in front of oncoming traffic and expect cars to stop, because the law says pedestrians have the right of way. I hope you get hit by one of these vans before the end of the year.

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