Surprising: Will Empty Hotels Spell The End Of Bed Bugs?

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  1. Will Empty Hotels Spell The End Of Bed Bugs? Perhaps.
    Will COVID-19 infections spell the end of hotel customers currently used for bed bug human blood meals? Yes.

  2. Somewhere in China, a virology lab near a wet market is working on:
    Covid-20 Bed Bug Flu

  3. Interesting perspective about Bali, although I’d love to know the sources. This will be the first year we haven’t visited in nearly a decade and having verifiable information about the situation there would be great.

  4. @Chris@Oak – assuming OAK – local gangsters are working on the next violent crimes. Hope you stay out of it, but in case you succumb, I won’t miss your racist ass in this world.

  5. @tommyleo Been told the rats are starving to death since the restaurants have closed and there are no waste outside. They have even turned on each to each other to feed.

  6. Smart hotel operators (and cruise ships, airlines, retail establishments) should take the opportunity to do a thorough inspection of their rooms/seats/facilities to look for any indication of bedbugs and remediate while closed (or at a very low occupancy). I understand the need to spend as little as possible to “bridge the gap” in low occupancy, but inspection doesn’t really cost much and the cost to remediate would be pennies compared to a property that limped along and when customers came back got bit by some really hungry suckers. That would be business killing.

    My understanding and research from when I had a bedbug “event” 5 years ago (San Antonio airport hotel) was that the adults could live up to a year between feedings.

  7. “Without guests in hotels to live off of, will bed bugs survive?”

    Yes, because chain hotels despite claiming they are doing deep cleanings etc still won’t pay the big bucks to exterminate these difficult pests that can lurk dormant for months without feeding off a host

  8. Your quixotic campaign against large multi use shower amenities in hotels may have found a savior in the coronavirus! Florida in its reopening specifies that hotels may only use single use containers! Bravo on your win!

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