Thai Airways Will Start Selling Food At 7-11s In Mid-April

Part of the Thai Airways turnaround plan, prior to the pandemic and bankruptcy, was to sell branded frozen food. It’s taken two years, but that’s finally about to start.

Come April 15, Thai Airways chicken biryani and nam phrik long ruea will be coming to a 7-11 that’s probably nowhere near you.

Cash-strapped Thai Airways’ food will go on sale at convenience stores and supermarkets in Bangkok and across the kingdom after the holiday ends April 15. First up are a halal chicken biryani and nam phrik long ruea (Fermented shrimp chilli paste with sweet pork and crispy-fluffy fish, a dish with a royal history), the airline’s catering chief Warangkana Luerotewong said this week.

…She said they will focus on hard-to-find meals to sell at 7-Eleven stores nationwide. They will also produce a tea seed oil salad dressing to be sold on the shelves of major corporate supermarkets including Tops, Central Food Hall, and Gourmet Market. They are hoping for export sales as well.

Thai Airways duck rice soup is admittedly one of my three favorite meals ever on a plane, behind Singapore Airlines laksa and ANA ramen. Soups re-heat nicely and richly flavored ones can do well at altitude.

Thai Airways Duck Rice Soup

How well this will translate to 7-11’s is unclear, even 7-11s in Thailand. However I’d love it if they gave it a go here in the States. By the way, as Gallagher once asked, “if 7-11s are open 24 hours a day how come they have locks on the doors?

The original Thai Airways plan wasn’t limited to Bangkok. THAI suggested that they would offer frozen food in Germany and France, and sauces in the U.K. and Japan. So far all they’ve managed is 7-11’s in Bangkok. But since I don’t get decent Thai food in Austin, at least not compared to Elephant Jumps in the DC area, I’d welcome it here.

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  1. WTAF is happening when airlines sell their food on land? This is the good that we’ve complaining about for decades and we’re told is “designed” to taste differently at 35,000 feet. It’s crap in the air – even First Class, because we’ve been conned into believing it’s quality. It’s worse than chain restaurants. It’s not gonna be any better at sea level. Yuk. And I speak as someone who’s travelled in First in four major airlines for decades.

  2. I will be purchasing this TG grub on the 15th and will report back from Samui.

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