The 30 Minute Trick To Save Hundreds On Rental Cars [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • You can sometimes save a lot of money on rental cars just by setting your pickup and drop off times on the half hour instead of on the hour. Savings can be in the hundreds.

  • Spirit Airlines kicks off white people? This man appears to have been kicked off of a Spirit Airlines flight for confronting African American passengers on board (based on his narrative). He says it’s racism against him, something something Mar-a-Lago, and his best friend is black. Only it’s not even clear whom he’s yelling at. He isn’t in custody. Maybe he wants to be?

  • How to find your next aviation job.

  • What does American Airlines think you’re entitled to when your business class seat to Europe doesn’t recline? Ridiculous, the airline did not deliver the product they sold to the customer.

    “You’re sitting straight up, you have a little more legroom, but it definitely wasn’t like the $7,000 seat we were anticipating and expecting and excited about,” …The Walshes showed NBC 5 emails from American Airlines customer service initially offering 5,000 miles then $200 each in trip credits.

    …American Airlines tells NBC 5 Responds it offered the Walshes a seat in the economy section for the economy price, but they declined. It wasn’t clear if there were two seats that would have allowed the Walshes to sit together. …Last week, the Walshes shared an email from customer service offering trip credits totaling $1,600 dollars.

  • United has been doing a lot of this lately – even for non-status members with milestone anniversaries for joining MileagePlus. The small recognition means a lot.

  • New Hyatt joint venture for Japanese ryokans

  • Airports that offer airside passes when you’re not traveling

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  1. I hit my first million on Delta in August. the only thing I got was a text message after my flight asking if I felt recognized to which I answered no as no one said a word. 5 or 6 flights later a flight attendant said congratulations as she took my drink order. I got my plastic made in China bag tags a couple weeks later. That is a pretty low bar.

  2. Way to find the obscure “story” of a “maga” guy acting badly and dutifully spreading it. Looking forward to you highlighting the antics of a deranged lefty acting badly, especially considering those would be much easier to find. But of course we won’t be holding our breath on that. lol

  3. When I hit 1 million miles with US Airways I got a paper certificate, suitable for framing, stamped with Doug Parker’s signature.

  4. Inflexibility and an attitude will get you the letter of the contract, which you agreed to when you bought the ticket. Nothing more, nothing less.

    The were probably on the non-stop to FCO from DFW. If they were cooperative and flexible, they probably could have gotten accommodated on a connecting flight that got them there at 2:20 PM instead of 7:45 AM and gotten comped for it. Instead, they just whine, and whine, and whine.

  5. Gary let’s stop with the MAGA hate unless you are going to give equal attention to the woke liberal leftists who regularly makes asses of themselves. Otherwise stick to points and miles which is why most of us long time readers are here.

  6. The “car-saving” trick doesn’t work. I tried several days, car companies and locations. All the same price.

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