The Aviation Downturn’s Latest Casualty

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  1. Like most folks, I couldn’t care less where Eva Air’s Hello Kitty plane is flying, but thank you for bringing Hertz’s problems to my attention. Nobody much worries about the car rental companies but, obviously, if you’ve got 500,000 cars and fewer than 100,000 are rented, you’re going to start hemorrhaging cash.

  2. I feel bad for all of the employees of Hertz. But they seemed to be like other travel companies that took advantage of their customers with their refueling fees ($10 a gallon), Plate Pass charges, etc. Hopefully they will emerge somewhat more consumer friendly. But again, I feel for the employees.

  3. @chopsticks, respectfully disagree here. IMHO, Hertz was always overblown and overpriced. Meh for that bit of news. However, Hello Kitty is on my Bucket List for the sheer wacky fun of it. Can’t say the same about Hertz.

  4. I do care about Eva Air and it’s sad that things aren’t fun right now. As far as Hertz, they are a solid company with many assets I would assume. They may file for bankruptcy protection like many travel-related companies but they will live on unless we go crazy about the flu again next season.

  5. Seeing Hello Kitty put in hibernation is probably the best news I’ve read since COVID-19 broke out….

  6. Hertz was taken over and leveraged up, like Neiman’s (twice) Sears and on and on. The new owners cash out from inception and dividend out as much cash as they can lay their hands on as quickly as they can. If possible, as in Hertz case, they get one more snarf at the trough when it’s taken public again. And when the economy turns south it’s the suckers who came late or hold the debt that take the hit.

  7. Re: Hello Kitty flights, everyone has different preferences. I have relatives who are actively planning for a Hello Kitty flight (now delayed) but just don’t understand why the Island Hopper is on my bucket list.

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