The Best Ad Placement I’ve Seen At A TSA Checkpoint

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  1. Seems like he was good to fly, also incredibly unprofessional behavior by the TSA + Minneapolis police leaking these videos. There should be an investigation into their conduct and appropriate actions taken (including termination if warranted).

  2. I don’t get the Bombas thing…I mean it’s relevant to the TSA screening process (keep your socks on) but it’s also incredibly dumb to get people saying “Bombas” our loud near a bunch of trigger happy glorified mall cops.

  3. @Stephen – Good to fly? It was confirmed that officials extrapolated his BAC was above the limit at the time he was at controls. In addition, he attempted to smuggle 1.75L of vodka into the secure area.

  4. @Colon – Smuggle? It’s not a violation of any law, regulation or rule to have a sealed bottle of alcohol in his luggage.

  5. @stephen w @colin

    Is there any update in this case? It’s a real shame this has to be publicized. I feel for this pilot and his family.
    Not saying he should have been allowed to fly, but he was very close to BAC limit, possibly slightly above. Certainly not “flying drunk”. Pilot had a few drinks previous night, and IME not deserving the public shaming he has received. I’m really curious whether there will be a conviction. If there is not, don’t bet on the media who were all over this stort to report on his exoneration.

    @gary, Please keep us informed (and certainly if he’s found not guilty)!

  6. No one “leaked” anything at MSP. The records were obtained through multiple requests for records under the Minnesota Data Practices Act after paying the required fees.

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