The Best Program for Business Class Awards to Europe and Checking a Broom as Baggage

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  1. […] are no transfer partners to Asiana, until Gary from VFTW shared it, pointing out how it’s the best award chart for business awards to Europe, and pointing out an Asiana credit […]


  1. Once on Maui a family presented my son with not one but two bodyboards. When our time came to leave the island, he was still interested in having such bodyboards in North Carolina. So when we approached AA check-in counter the agent suggested taping two boards together to save on baggage charges but discovered that each of us had 3 free checked luggage pieces (AA EXP in F). So we checked the two boards separately and both received bright orange priority tags. Was fun to pick those up from a baggage carousel in Raleigh in January.

  2. Gary, do you get recognized in airports much? I’m fairly certain I sat across from you in the Aus Admirals club yesterday, but didn’t want to disturb you, as I’m sure you get quite a bit of attention when traveling.

  3. I once picked up a special edition baseball bat from Wrigley Field. This was before 9/11 BTW. It came through security just fine, but at the gate, US Airways wouldn’t let me board with it on my person. They were happy to gate-check it, however, and when I reached home it was the first thing to roll down the conveyor belt.

  4. Gary, do you have any idea on the award availability that Asiana sees on Luftansa and Air Canada?
    Mary Jane

  5. Interesting article about missions to moon. Grand Palais in Paris has currently an exhibition called La Lune. It starts with Apollo 11 and reflects on role of the moon in arts and music in different cultures.
    One exihibit is a recreation of part of the lunar surface with Buzx Aldrin’s foot print. Visitors are encouraged to step into it to compare their foot print with Buzz’s. We did just that.
    The rest of the exihibit is also very informative and fun.

  6. Let’s also note that Asiana is even easier to maintain status with (less miles required to maintain than to first achieve in a tier).

  7. “if they do this to squat on route”

    Considering I flew ORD to PEK on United how could American squat the route? Are there only two companies allowed to do a an origin/destination slot pair?

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