The Big Problem With Disney’s Re-Opening Is The Guests, Not The Park

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  1. Florida has posted 15k new cases today in a record number. This is higher than any country in Europe at the height of the pandemic. Heck they even broke New York’s daily record. Don’t kid yourself. Disney World is not safe. It shouldn’t have reopened. Florida continues to disgrace itself.

  2. I’m in Florida now. 50% of the general public is walking around indoor public spaces with no masks. And restaurants no longer seem to be limiting customers, I went to one last night for pick-up (masked and gloved) and ALL tables were full of customers eating and drinking and having a jolly ‘ole time. And half of them are geezers! Absolutely boggles my mind!

    Where is the accountability, folks? Who is going to pay your half a million dollar hospital bill? Taxpayers like me, that’s who.

  3. @KimmieA Where was that. I live in South Fla. I have not been in any stores or markets this weekend. All have a mask order in Broward and Miami Dade. I have not seen one person without a mask. I di not go into stores much. Especially now. But I don’t see anyone not masked?

  4. Live and Let’s Fly interpretation of the Ed Bastian interview was completely wrong and not an indication of a second round of government bailout. I watched the Ed interview on which they base this assumption and Ed was talking about the loans portion of the CARES Act which was offered back in spring. As mentioned in the news recently, all the airlines have now agreed to term sheets with the government but they still have until later this fall to decide whether they will actually proceed with the loan. Again, Ed was talking about the loan portion of the original CARES Act, not any new bailout similar to the one already given to protect employee pay.

  5. Option 1 – Stay at home forever, in the hopes of a vaccine. With the knowledge that there has never been a vaccine made for any Coronavirus. (and I guess someone is going to pay my mortgage for me?)

    Option 2 – Live your life as safely as possible.

    I have no problem with Disney opening. If you’re worried or scared – Stay home. Honestly, even *I* wouldn’t be going to Disney right now. However, the option to make a personal decision on the matter should be open to ME, and not to others.

  6. They’ll do anything-and I mean anything–just to try to make Trump look bad.

    No one has to try to make him look bad, he does that quite well himself.

  7. Rondo should just shut up and eat it. If I was getting paid what he’s getting paid I’d sleep in a real Motel 6 if that was all was available.

  8. @Mangar – Funny how most of the rest of the world found a third option. I guess its only the US that those two options apply to.

  9. The big problem with Disney reopening is Florida. But or fearless leader has a plan. Back to golf. This pandemic is not worth his time.

  10. @Mangar And you just demonstrated why the US is failing at this when many countries in the rest of the world are not. Simply following the medical advice for a few weeks instead of rushing to reopen is a third option that has worked well for many countries around the world. Oh and there were no virus deaths in New York today so it works in the states that actually do what they are supposed to. When I hear someone say that people who “are scared” should stay home that tells me the person talking isn’t very bright and shouldn’t be taken seriously. The concern has nothing to do with fear it has to do with how we can get past this virus and avoid losing the entire economy. I’m not sure how many more people need to die before it becomes clear what needs to happen to get past this.

  11. I have given up all hope of getting the virus under control. This virus requires nationwide cooperation and it will never happen particularly under this Trump regime.

  12. This all just exemplifies the difficulty in balancing Americans’ desire for personal freedoms with the public good: there are too many externalities. If people running around Disney World with symptoms and without masks were only harming themselves, no one would care. But ultimately these people will infect (and kill) others and a majority of the cost for medical treatment will fall to the government (i.e., taxpayers). If there were an easy way to pin this all back to the folks acting irresponsibly, we wouldn’t have to resort to blunt instruments like shut-downs and mask mandates.

  13. When you have activists calling millions of people of highly vulnerable to COVID-19 demographics to the streets during a pandemic you will never get COVID-19 contained. Black Lives Don’t Matter when you use blacks and youth as cannon fodder. Trump did not send people into the streets with no social distancing to protest, burn, loot or topple monuments. The party of the jackass can bray all it wants, but the evidence shows many of its supporters have no interest in cooperating to slow the spread of COVID-19 as they seem to have other agendas.

  14. Nor do any Repunlicans have any clue like the governors of Arizona, Florida, Texas et all. But let’s blame all this on BLM and other protestors instead of the chump regime.
    Oh yes, now chump is trying to pin all this on Dr. Fauci. All this by the scientific geniuses of chump, Pence and jared.

  15. @Robertw—I am in Charlotte county. The laws re: masks vary from city to city, county to county. There is no unified plan, and that’s a huge problem. Broward requires masks; Collier does not–but the City of Naples does. DeSantis needs to grow some and create a statewide regulation.

  16. If only President TRUMP was the real authoritarian people wish he was. we would have had a national lock down for months and knocked out the virus like china did

  17. Last year I got the worst cold after a week at Disney World with my niece and the family. They REALLY need to limit the number of people int he park even after this is over. I would pay more (yes it’s already a few mortgage payments a day) if 10% fewer people where in the park. And those strollers. . .UGH. Maybe they should have “adult day” like adult swim at the pool :).

    In any event, let’s keep the masks, hands washed and limit the crowds.

  18. Hong Kong Disneyland is closing again. Hong Kong’s resurging Covid-19 problem pales compared to Florida.

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