The Case Against Paris [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • The case against Paris.

  • Air France no longer allows paid upgrades from business to first class on award tickets

  • Chris Isaac, AAdvantage Director, sees inspiration in the Chipotle and Chewy loyalty programs and sees AAdvantage and revenue management having converged. I’d add that the mindset in revenue management he describes of in the past was wrong and that the shift towards a revenue-management mindset in loyalty hasn’t made loyalty better or more valuable.

    [M]y first 12 years at American were within revenue management. And at that time, I would completely agree with you. Revenue management and the loyalty program had goals that were very much at odds with each other. And so there were a lot of passionate debates. We, you know, having been on the revenue management side, I remember the days when the loyalty program was thought of as maybe a necessary evil.

    We were, we had a very transactional mindset. And so when you have a transactional mindset, you do see a redemption, for example, as just giving away stuff for free or, a part of your product that maybe comes with status as given away for free.

    But fast forward many years, and it may surprise you to hear that actually loyalty and revenue management are now in the same organization in American Airlines. So we report to the same senior vice president. And, we have made great strides in actually bringing the thinking together.

    So revenue management has moved very much from a transactional view to more of a relationship view. And the loyalty program has adopted some of the thinking of revenue management, understanding what some of the constraints are. And so we work very well together in putting our loyalty program in front of our members.

  • BWI Airport a finalist for ‘American’s best restroom’

  • Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas resort fee includes notary services, two documents per day. I’d scribble handwritten notes to my wife and have them notarized just for the lolz. And I’d hope that the person on staff who is a notary wasn’t available, and I’d argue that failure to deliver the service meant they couldn’t charge for it…

  • New United domestic first class seat has wireless charging

    Credit: United

  • TSA requiring more random ID checks of CLEAR passengers it’s nice not to have to take out your ID, but this still leaves CLEAR as a way to cut the PreCheck line when the former is longer than the latter (though the CLEAR process takes longer than ID verification in the PreCheck line, so unless CLEAR is substantially shorter it’s not a benefit). Either way you’ll be slowed down by new screening devices.

  • Are you cool with this? What would you do?

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  1. Bare feet are completely natural. How dare anyone shame her, just whip ’em out.

    (I mean, if whipping out a breast is fine, what’s with the foot fetish?)

  2. Paris is, well, French. ‘Nuff said?
    Add rampaging North Africans and I see no reason to go there.
    n.b. for flamers, I have spent several trips to Paris in the past. Since they opened the doors, it ain’t what it used to be. But you can say that for a lot of countries in Europe.

  3. Taxi complaints in Las Vegas require a notarized signature to be used to open an investigation. If you are long hauled by a Vegas taxi, you need to fill out the form and have the form notarized. Not an entirely useless service.

  4. I was going to make the bare foot/bare breast comment…but someone beat me to it. FWIW, I am against both on airplanes.

  5. people seem to not care about others…. rather simple
    bare feet
    bare breasts
    et al

  6. I actually don’t care if people go barefoot on planes as long as 1) they keep their feet down on the ground, and 2) There’s no foul odor emanating from their unwashed or diseased feet. You want them elevated in any way, socks go on!

  7. Notaries in NV can officiate marriages. Make them officiate a wedding in your room.

  8. @ Woofie — Opened the doors? You mean enslaved the people of said African countries? You are a racist.

  9. @Gene

    LOL!!!!! You obviously either don’t know what’s going on in Paris right now, or you have NO clue what the word “racism” even means. [redacted -gl]

  10. Paris tourism is definitely taking a hit, the housing market on the outskirts is booming. Rome was rocking on our recent visit and looked about 4 times more tourists than Paris.

  11. @BobinNH Las Vegas Taxis … at least from the airport are now flat rate

    Taxi Flat Rates from the Airport to Strip Hotels By Zone
    Zone 1 – $21: Delano, Excalibur, Virgin Las Vegas, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, OYO, and Tropicana.

    Zone 2 – $25: Aria, Horseshoe, Bellagio, Elara, New York New York, Marriot Grand Chateau, Paris, Park MGM, Planet Hollywood, Polo Towers, The Cosmopolitan, The Orleans, The Signature at MGM, Vdara, and Travelodge by Wyndham.

    Zone 3 – $29: Caesars Palace, Circus Circus, Encore, Flamingo, Gold Coast, Harrah’s, Hilton Grand Vacations, Las Vegas Convention Center, Palace Station, Palms, Resorts World, Rio, Sahara, STRAT, The LINQ, The Mirage, The Palazzo, The Venetian, Westin, Trump International, TI, Westgate, and Wynn.

    Note that flat rate fares do not include credit card fees, gratuity, or a $2 fuel surcharge.

  12. @BobinNH Las Vegas Taxis … at least from the airport are now flat rate

    Different zone pricing

  13. @Gene I’m happy to inform you that saying “you are a racist” doesn’t work anymore. It’s out of gas. The deranged will have to concoct a new attack line in their quest to argue with rational people.

  14. @Gene wouldn’t know a cotton field from a corn field, he is another sad and broken muppet that’s always screaming “racist or fox news” it’s hilarious watching the them unhinge.

  15. @ GSHLGB I know that the airport taxis are now flat rate and I’m glad you posted that so others know as well.

    Just know that some taxis will try to long haul not just on airport trips. I only use taxis to/from the airport and use Uber for the rest of my trips in Vegas for this reason. I know the city well enough not to allow a driver to long haul me, but when one tries and you call them on it some get pretty surly.

  16. The Chewies loyalty program approach for AA would be absolutely game changing. It is all about customer service. We were not high on whatever status they assign but when we cancelled our order after our dog passed away they sent flowers and refunded the money for the leftover food we had, asking us to donate which we happily did. They are amazing.

  17. Woofie’s comments does come across as being the product of a racist, of the dead, or of both.

    North Africans are anything but new in France and have been there from even before France dropped visa requirements on American tourists. And it’s “We are here because you were there”, a legacy of racist colonialism. The upside of that awful legacy is that we now have great soccer players like Mbappe who is also a product of France’s colonial legacy.

    Vive la France. It’s safer and healthier then Texas and Florida.

  18. @ David Stone — You do not get a free pass from being called out for being racist, no matter how many times you do it.

  19. Why are people always puzzled about what to do with ignorant louts on an airplane? Tell them nicely to just cut it out. IE: “Your bare feet are offensive, please put them on the other side, away from me”. “Your hair is hanging in my face, please put it back where it belongs”. Any resistance, just call an FA. Idiots need to learn some manners somewhere, since they obviously didn’t learn them at home.

  20. GU Wonder says “Vive la France. It’s safer and healthier than Texas and Florida.” I think you meant California and NewYork? Honest mistake.

    @Gene is up to his usual woke antics calling everyone a racist with whose position he does not agree with.

  21. Depends upon the appearance (what she looks like) of the girl attached to the feet. Can’t tell from the picture.

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