The Dark Underbelly Of Travel To Las Vegas [Roundup]

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  1. Guy in Vegas has to be doing some kind of performance art. Though, this is someone who says he’s from Florida and he’s in Vegas, so maybe not?

  2. There really should be truth in labeling laws for sex workers.
    And not just in Vegas…..

  3. Wow, Vegas has alcohol, sex workers and gambling? Booking a ticket right now. I’m not religious so I guess I’m safe from being sucked in.

  4. Even the commenters were trolled by Alex Stein’s video.

    He said he’s from Clearwater, Florida because that’s where the church of Scientology owns a ton of property.

  5. @jorgeGeorge. When you buy a used house you check under the sink to make sure there is a copper pipes there. So when you buy someone for sex services you want to make sure if they have a hose or not. Buyer beware.

  6. Better than the movies or anything on TV this guys life story
    And no murder involved just a total train wreck
    You can’t make this stuff up and there is so much to follow
    they can make it Into series after series,The next tv reality star
    Total trash blaming everyone but himself
    Being back Jerry Springer please he would take it to a whole other level,

  7. @Dude26 Yes he’s a conservative comedian – look up Alex Stein las vegas council and you’ll find media interviews about this particular stunt

  8. wah, wah, wah

    I’m in Vegas, there’s alcohol, there’s sex and gambling, I/m vulnerable, my loser wife is with a con and she’s pregnant. Solution? don’t go to Vegas. Start acting like an adult and use common sense, what did he think might happen in Vegas?

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