The Day Has Only Just Begun and Crazy Plane Lady Costume Has Already Won Halloween

The very best Halloween costume?

The “Crazy Plane Lady” became a worldwide sensation back in July declaring that a passenger on her flight was “not real.” Back on July 2, the Dallas-based marketing executive who lost it on board an American Airlines Tulsa flight warned everyone that if they stayed on board the flight they would die. And in the process she became a worldwide sensation.

She’s since built a social media following for herself off the incident, stringing us along by not sharing what exactly wasn’t real, and why she wanted off that plane so badly.

Naturally she is now the best possible Halloween get up. Though fair warning, the woman wearing the costume here is using very much not safe for work language, and even not safe for work from home language. She’s really getting into character.

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  1. Maybe stop playing into this cynical calculating psycho’s hands by giving her, again and again in this space, the attention she’s campaigning for?

  2. This blog has been her shill quite a bit lately. She was high to the point of having a psychotic episode and is covering it up by making blogging sites like this one her bitches. She’s now the thought leader.

  3. “The “Crazy Plane Lady” became a worldwide sensation back in July” –

    Only in your mind Gary, why the fascination? She’s not even hot. Someone needs a “social media” vacation, your blog will be better off for it…

  4. The FA are very protected by their union. As a retired 36 year FA – I am ashamed but still sympathetic of my coworkers plight. The airlines have done this to us / and unfortunately the passengers have become the pawns. All of this is nothing new. The actions of negative behavior will be protected by the union – and the company (and the union) will continue to be silent bed partners. The bottom line is money, fuel, and revenue seat mile.
    If you’ve never been in the airline industry – you really need to keep your mouth shut because firing on the spot is not an option – and even safety related incidents have to be investigated (while the individual(s) are suspended “with” pay.
    We need to stop pointing fingers at others and start taking accountability for our part too. People walk onboard airplanes and good manners are checked at the door.
    No, this doesn’t give a “get out of jail card” for being rude or nasty to your passengers – but if the airline kept the entertainment system on the plane – people would not have a need to come to the galley every minute (while the seat belt sign is on!).
    It’s a three way street – corporate culture, front line workers, and paying customers.
    Bottom line – this is a mess!

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