The Moment Two Passengers Emerge Together From a United Airlines Lavatory

Team USA Beach Volleyballer Stafford Slick videotaped two passengers emerging from the lavatory together on his United flight.

Women were lining up for the lavatory for about ten minutes, and no one was coming out. That’s usually when you hope a flight attendant will put some coffee grounds in there between uses. A flight attendant notices the line, saying to one of the women “you’re still right here” as no one has moved.

When the lavatory door opens a man appears and then “[j]ust a few seconds later, a woman in a matching red jumper also walks out from the cramped room, apparently having just joined the Mile High Club.”

The Mile High Club is over 100 years old. The very first couple to try it were using a Curtiss Flying Boat C‑2 off Long Island. The woman was cheating on her husband who was serving abroad in World War I. They managed to disengage the autopilot while engaged in their congress, sending the plane into the water. They were found naked by duck hunters.

Usually passengers use the lavatory. Virgin Atlantic once claimed they had to replace baby changing tables as a result. (Really they were just trying to suggest their flights are so awesome people have sex on them, the claim about the baby changing tables was likely apocryphal.)

Far less common is having sex at your seat as one couple tried to do onboard a Ryanair flight but that story went viral because (1) there was video and (2) the passengers had just met.

Elizabeth Hurley was caught trying to join the mile high club in British Airways first class. This was 2003, before ‘New First’, the cabins really weren’t very private.

Actress Lara Flynn Boyle also flashed her breasts and tried to climb into bed with a male stranger on a British Airways first class flight to Los Angeles in 2005.

My favorite story is about the supermodel who had sex with another woman in first class and was indignant over other passengers watching.

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  1. Sometimes adult passengers try to squeeze into a lavatory together for purposes that aren’t intended to involve any form of in-flight sex.

    Health-related issues for example.

  2. @GUWonder does that appear to be the case here? The video can’t prove dispositively what was happening in that lavatory, so I applied bayesian reasoning.

  3. Fun times but what is odd is why would someone happen to be videoing lavatory. Seems like a setup.

  4. @DaninMCI. I bet there’s a sub-reddit that’s devoted to filming economy class jet bathrooms

  5. I guess this story makes me happy to fly AA and tighter lavs…less room for extra-curriculars…maybe AA planned for this all along…

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