The Most Amazing, Elaborate Airplane Video Ever. 50 Seconds In Will Blow Your Mind.

Watch this first. All the way through. The amazing thing isn’t even the opening landing in the video.

As amazing as that is, I think I’m more impressed by the whole intermodal transportation system. Knuffingen is the world’s largest small (model) airport. 40 aircraft and 90 vehicles operate automatically via computer at a cost to build of 3.5 million euros.

I think I have to visit Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg, Germany.

The ‘blow your mind’ title of this post, while often used as clickbait, seems about right and described my reaction to a tee. I didn’t want to spoil the punch line in the video by saying anything about model planes. I hope you were as amazed as I was, and as excited to see models like this in person as I am!

(HT: Neal L.)

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  1. Pretty cool but check out neffwaffe channel on YouTube. Amazing real, flying commercial models.

  2. Mind blown. Had to watch that at least 5 times back-to-back to catch everything that was going on. Just a stunning amount of detail. A great example of German precision and engineering.

  3. The reason some of us don’t like your clickbait titles on other posts is because their constant presence devalues the posts, making it more likely we will miss a good one where such a title is warranted. Like this one.

  4. Thanks for sharing, I just booked my honeymoon trip to Europe including a day in Hamburg, and was literally (and I mean literally) wondering what there was to do there while idly skimming through my Facebook feed.

    Now I just have to convince my wife that this is a romantic activity 🙂

  5. The Miniature Wonder World in Hamburg is indeed amazing and the airport is only a small part of it. There is tons more to see from the Swiss alps to sections of the US.

  6. I was recently in Hamburg and initially thought it was a “just for kids” sort of place. In the end I was convinced to go and it was €13 very well spent. That place is quite amazing.

  7. Been there. It is an amazing place, and as others have mentioned, there is MUCH more than the airport to see. Allow plenty of time for your visit!

  8. Yes. You HAVE to visit Minatur Wonderland. I was in Germany a few weeks ago and we took a day trip from Berlin to Hamburg for this museum.

    I highly, highly, highly, recommend it. I spent almost 4 hours there. The airport is amazing. Each airplane has a destination and they have an arrivals/departure board with real destinations.

    Even from a few feet away, the planes look like they are flying on their own.

  9. I’ve been there a couple times and it really is an impressive complex, with just a ton of stuff to see. I very highly recommend going.

  10. We visited last month. It really is amazing and not just the airport. The level of detail is incredible. The prices on the gas station are the real prices for example. One of the local places sends an sms every morning to update it.

    Best of all is the back stage tour. Not only do you see how it all works, including the mechanism that flies the planes, but there a number of secret displays that visitors can’t see many of which are funny and shall we say not PC rated.

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