The Most Ridiculous Requests Ever Made to a Hotel

Via Daily Mail an imgur page about a hotel guest who comes up with the most ridiculous requests possible from the hotel he stays at frequently.

This is what a pillow fort looks like:

Here’s a request I wouldn’t want to make.

Yet the hotel obliged.

Now this is just a weird request to go to sleep to.

It can, of course, be done.

Apparently, this is a thing and not limited to this guest.

One Imgur user said he asked for three single red M&Ms on the counter and a ‘picture of bacon set on the bed’ when booking a hotel room.

He said he had completely forgotten about it a month later, but to his delight staff had carried out his requests perfectly.

These requests are naturally coming from Diamond members.

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  1. I forget exactly which band, could probably google it fast, but they would always request a single color bowl of M&Ms. They claim it wasn’t because they were divas but instead to check to see if the venue was actually reading the rest of the document which had all sorts of actual requirements including safety matters.

  2. That’s the logical next step from believing in “guaranteed” or “corfirmed” perks, or perks that one is “entitled” to. 😉

    I am not guaranteed a suite upgrade and I just failed to get one at a greatly renovated Hilton Singapore, even though the conditions seemed just right, there is apparently huge influx of guests this weekend. Offered for the last 4 days of the long stay and I may just accept…

  3. Everyone note — DCS didn’t get a suite upgrade at a Hilton. It wasn’t confirmed in advance, and it wasn’t available at check-in. Even if it was available, he would not have been entitled to it. His pushiness at the check-in counter, which usually works but that most guests won’t attempt, did not work this time.

  4. LOL…

    Everyone — @Gary is absolutely right on all counts except that, as usually, he completely missed the point of the post. In addition, the one about “being pushy” is way out there coming from a self-proclaimed “Thought Leader in Travel” who ought to know that “pushy” is absolutely the wrong way to go about getting a COMPLIMENTARY suite upgrade.

    The point was that I did not expect the suite upgrade to be “guaranteed” since that depends on AVAILABILITY like for ANY OTHER elite suite upgrade. I did not feel “entitled” because I know that nothing is “guaranteed.” No elite will confirm a suite upgrade at booking if there is no AVAILABILITY, therefore there no such thing as a “confirmed” or a “guaranteed” suite upgrade until it actually clears, be it at booking or at check-in.

    BTW, I have just been informed that I can be moved to an executive suite from Tuesday to Saturday, when they expect one to become available. “Pushy” does not do it at all!


  5. I did this once. I requested a photo of Avril Lavigne and a photo of the Barenaked Ladies (I was back in Canada for the first time in a long time), then promptly forgot about it.

    When I checked in not only were the two photos there, but a detailed hand-written note from “Avril” and “BNL” thanking me for coming back to Canada and visiting, and wishing me a good stay.

    I went and found the front desk assistant responsible. She was beyond thrilled to have received the request and had an absolute blast researching it and putting it together. Far from being a request from an entitled Diamond member it’s a way to occasionally make a FDAs day entertaining.

  6. I was bored and tried something like this when booking. Not only did I not get what I asked for, I got a “wake up call bomb” at 3AM which I’m sure was “accidental.” I don’t suggest this! And yes, I am a “Diamond guest!”

  7. *sigh* – much like @mbh above, I have never asked for anything, and this posting has opened my eyes a bit to the possibilities. Of course, @gofast’s experience will probably be what happens to me. And I have Lifetime Diamond at HH. My requests are always at the desk it seems for a better room.

  8. I am sometimes treated like I should feel guilty for asking for a top sheet and blanket. But I cannot stand the all-in-one duvets that most hotels provide. I alternate between being a little chilly to flat out hot during the night, depending on how the air conditioner operates in a room with the all-in-one duvets. With a top sheet and a blanket, I can remove the blanket when the air is cool and pull it up when it is not. It makes a big difference to me, but it seems to be the hardest thing for hotels to do.

  9. A story recounted to me by a friend who works in corporate travel. Not exactly on topic but it shows just how much some of this high flyer diamond members act like children.

    Mr Smith, a CEO of a big company is staying at the XYZ 5 Star Hotel on the other side of the country. Mr Smith is currently in his hotel room and wants a taxi to the airport.

    Mr Smith rings his Personal Assistant on the other side of the country and asks her to call the travel agent to ask them to call the hotel to arrange for a taxi to the airport.

    The Personal Assistant then rings my friend (the travel agent) to tell her that Mr Smith is in his hotel room and wants a taxi to the airport.

    My friend rings the hotel reception and tells them that Mr Smith (a guest) wants a taxi to the airport.

    My friend then rings back the Personal Assistant to tell her that the front desk have booked the taxi.

    The Personal Assistant then rings Mr Smith to tell him the taxi is on its way.

  10. Nick B’s story reminds me of opera diva Kathleen Battle supposedly calling her manager to tell them to call the limo driver to turn down the air conditioning as she was too cold .

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