The Real Problem Europe Faces Opening To Vaccinated Americans

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  1. Coperto is optional by law. Don’t let a restaurant tell you otherwise . . . which they will try to do if you are a tourist.

  2. @ Gary — Why must every weed smoker be portrayed as a black guy with dreads? Most of my millennial white neighbors smoke weed.

  3. @Gene – If marijuana is legalized at the federal level, we are going to see advertisements everywhere including Uber for delivery. Currently, nearly all advertisements in the Wall Street Journal feature mainly African American and/or minority models. Based on this, Gary is simply slightly ahead of the trend.

  4. Europeans traveling within Europe already have more rights than locals in certain countries. Spanish nationals and residents are not allowed to travel within Spain for example, but visitors from other EU countries are free to come to Spain and travel around as they please. In Catalunya you’re not even allowed to leave your administrative division. It’s a bit maddening.

  5. @Jordan, a reminder that it’s only been 45 years since Franco died. Spain has been through a lot worse.

  6. President Biden and team are doing an amazing job outpacing most of the world with vaccine availability. With full vaccination should come additional opportunities.

  7. I wonder if there’s more to the UA story, or if passengers are just becoming more used to suing for emotional distress/damages. Interesting!

  8. Until most EUropean/Schengenites adults have a Covid-19 vaccine locally available to them and been able to complete the shot sequence + a couple of weeks, the pressure to open up to US visitors may not exceed the pressure that comes from those with the attitude of “why are they allowed in on the basis of something we can’t all get yet”.

  9. @Brodie Trump and his “warp speed” team did most of the work getting the vaccines out. Not faulting Biden just credit where credit is due…

  10. While in the middle months of the crisis the Europeans did pretty well, it has all fallen apart. Cases have been soaring (well above the U.S. in many countries in proportion to population) several governments are in lock down mode; and the vaccine rollout has really been a sad trickle out, beset by bureaucracy and mismanagement.

    Long gone are the days when they logically kept out Americans because we were doing so much worse. Don’t expect to go until they get their act together.

  11. uber and lyft have heinous customer service. it is not in the business model to do otherwise.

  12. Thank you, @Nick. Operation Warp Speed initiated by the Trump administration receives ALL the credit for quite possibly saving the future of travel.

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