The Secret Service Has To Pay Resort Fees To Trump Hotels

The U.S. Secret Service has booked rooms at Mar-a-Lago for two weeks at a time just in case the President goes there and they need them, so that they don’t catch the property sold out.

In total “taxpayers have paid Trump’s businesses more than $900,000 since he took office. At least $570,000 came as a result of the president’s travel.” Trump properties have also charged Republican groups $3.8 million for fundraising events at which the President spoke.

But those aren’t the numbers I’m interested in. It’s the details of the rates being paid. Secret Service guarding Vice President Pence had to pay resort fees at the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas.

In early 2017, for instance, Pence visited Las Vegas to speak to a Republican Jewish Coalition gathering. He stayed one night at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, newly released receipts show. The Secret Service was charged for 151 rooms, at about $102 per room per night — the maximum rate for Las Vegas at the time under normal federal per-diem rules. Secret Service agents are allowed to exceed the limit while on protective duty.

In Las Vegas, the Trump hotel also tacked on $29 per room in “resort fees,” receipts show. That added $4,379 to the bill, for a total of $20,183. The hotel’s website said the fee covered services such as coffee, shoe shines and shuttle service to the shopping mall at the Caesars Palace casino. The Trump Organization did not say why it had charged resort fees to working Secret Service agents.

Ethics norms notwithstanding I don’t have an issue with the government paying for rooms at Trump properties, even when they’re less convenient for doing business than other hotels and even when they’re more expensive. That’s the price of doing business with Trump and he was elected President under the U.S. system. If this bothers them it may influence their re-election vote.

I do, however, have a problem with resort fees. Resort fees are deceptive to the extent they aren’t option. The money required to pay to stay at a property is literally the room rate. If resort fees added value to a guest’s stay, as Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson claims, they wouldn’t need to be mandatory. And Secret Service members staying on government rates literally cannot take advantage of the supposed amenities.

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  1. Hey Johnny,
    how come you didn’t report on the obamas?
    they ripped off taxpayers for their hundreds of vacations costing MILLIONS of dollars.
    why don’t you stick to travel and stay out of showing your DEMOCRAT side?

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