The TSA Stole My Cupcake

You’ve likely seen the story by now that the TSA in Las Vegas considers cupcake frosting to be a gel. (Which rather reminds me of a certain frequent flyer’s experience at London Gatwick, being told that a box of pasta is a liquid since you have to add water to cook it.)

In light of the TSA’s War on Cupcakes(tm), and since I’m a huge fan of mixing marketing with public resistance to the TSA, I’m very tempted to buy this to wear during January travels.

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  1. no, no, no. please tell me that the part about pasta being a liquid isn’t true. you’re just joking right? no? oh. well, there goes the last remaining shred of confidence i had in these uneducated cretins.

  2. My son’s ground coffee he got in Costa Rica was taken away because they claimed it was a “powder”. I was on the same plane and mine wasn’t. I think his beard may have been the bigger issue…

  3. I imagine that though the US government is wont to claim jurisdiction over many things, no one will believe that the TSA operates at Gatwick. I just thought that was a funny story, and it popped into my mind prompted by the cupcakes.

  4. If pasta is not allowed since you have to add a liquid–water to make it, I guess humans are no longer allowed on airplanes? Humans are after all, 60% water!!

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