Unexpected Hero: How A Southwest Flight Attendant Turned A Mom’s Nightmare Into A Dream Flight

I’ve been frustrated with Southwest lately, since they no longer sell Early Bird check-in on every flight and they’re devaluing their Rapid Rewards points. But the best thing about Southwest is the people. More than any other U.S. airline, their crews just seem to like their jobs. They don’t mind being there.

So while I got choked up watching this passenger’s testimonial about how a flight attendant made her world better when she was at wit’s end, I wasn’t at all surprised.

This mom was traveling with her lap child from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City. He’s not a great flyer. He was crying and nothing would soothe him. And she’s feeling stressed looking around the cabin, knowing that it’s driving everyone crazy.

She thought she could get through the short flight, but it delayed. The child isn’t a good sleeper so, she says, she’s barely slept in nine months. She says, “unbeknownst to me I am at my wit’s end.”

And a flight attendant came up to her asking if she could help. At first the mom resisted. But the crewmember took the baby in her arms, kept walking the child back and forth within eyeshot of the mom, and put him to sleep. And she kept the child, she didn’t hand the child back right away, saying “any chance a mama can rest her arms.” She held him until the plane was ready to depart, and he slept.

@kylichoi The end scene Shoutout to Neequa my southwest angel Becoming a mom bonds you to other moms out there. Its an amazing experience. And when moms help other moms, you know youre a part of some amazing unspoken society that youd never give up. #travelingalonewithbaby #traveling #southwestairlines @Southwest Airlines #travelingmama #momproblems #momsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Kylimomma | Motherhood

Watch this and tell me you don’t choke up, just a little? American Airlines says their motto is “caring for people on life’s journey” but this is what it actually looks like.

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  1. “She’s feeling stressed…..
    it’s [lap infant] driving everyone crazy.”

    But they’re the future!

  2. @JorgeGeorge Paez. The other passengers only have to deal with it for a short while. God bless the flight attendant.

  3. If you told me the story and didn’t name the airline, I’d guess Southwest. This is how strong their brand is. They are not my preferred airline but for family travel, they are great.

  4. Very nice article on the service southwest flight attendant provided for this young lady. Why you couldn’t have just kept it a nice piece and ended it in a nice way I don’t understand. Instead you had to make a derogatory comment towards American Airlines. I know one AA flight attendant, who carried on.a Passengers life, Journey By using a defibrillator for an onboard medical emergency this week.. this tends to only reinforce my belief in your bias against American Airlines.

  5. Bad sleeping babies usually have parents who won’t let them cry to sleep as part of the learning process. And swaddling helps. The lack of mom’s sleep suggests that’s the problem in this case. My infant cried before her first flight took off and one passenger even confronted me. The rest looked on ominously. The FA showed no interest in defending us from the aggressive passenger. There was no crying after takeoff and no kind or apologetic words.

  6. I love the humour used by the South West FA. YES! And they say they will accept tips. I hope to do this on my next flight with them or any airline. And I also try to match my shoes to my outfit… Hahaha.

  7. What a great story and a dedicated employee! My comment is about AA’s motto? After a 35 year career in flight service, I have never once heard “caring for people on life’s journey” at American Airlines. Sounds like a quote from Hospice

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