The United vs Expedia Showdown and the Evolution of Starbucks Loyalty

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  1. This Expedia-United conflict is just another reason I don’t like the travel provider switch over at Ultimate Rewards. Grrrr.

  2. “Reportedly, many international travelers passing through the airport weren’t accustomed to America’s tipping policies and would not leave gratuity. (Only half of passengers through Miami are on domestic flights, the Herald notes.) ”

    Perhaps this is evidence of where MIA stands in international standards. Domestic standards need not apply there as MIA is not part of the dreadful US tipping culture. Rather, perhaps vendors need to pay their workers a competitive wage rather than relying on customers; filling the gap for their parsimonious behavior.

  3. I tip if occasionally I would have received an extraordinary service.
    I do not tip because it is ‘expected’ or because employees are not properly paid.
    As international traveller I cannot keep track of all the local peculiarities.

  4. I can understand the workers’ frustration at MIA. Their employers are paying them peanuts, expecting them to make it up on tips, a typical despicable part of the US tipping culture. But many of the international passengers are not familiar with that, so they don’t leave the tips, or leave small rounded-up tips. The losers are the employees.

  5. I’m frankly very, VERY tired of tipping people for doing the job they’re hired to do. Am especially disgusted when a check is delivered to me with a tip already added… when all the waiter did is the standard take-my-order and bring-my-food. I’m just tired of feeling guilt if I don’t add 20% to the bill. Can we please just all agree to stop tipping in USA?

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