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  1. Can’t wait for racist twats to come out of the wood work in the comments below me.

    It’s good that D.P. is educating himself on white privilege and making at least a superficial effort toward inclusion and diversity. Many stuffy old corporations and their leaders won’t even pretend to care.

  2. He can have multiple interests and if he’s that terrible for customers, the board can replace him. You are welcome to become a majority shareholder and try to fire him. Whining isn’t winning.

  3. @ va
    So he’s gonna pretend to care and give a advantage to every 30 black kid over any other kid,would love to see how woke he is by promoting a black person in his place,that would putting money where his mouth is

  4. I really hope corporate America grows out of their current love affair with all things woke. Please just provide consumers with quality goods and services at competitive prices and leave politics and social causes (left or right) to others.

  5. @ P. Ussy,

    So if you want to get into the C-suite at AA, you’d better be a POC. Whatever happened to equality of opportunity? The world is heading for an overweight bag of troubles and we’d better have some damn smart people to fix it. So not just based on skin color or what’s between their legs.

  6. Equality of opportunity is exactly what inclusion and diversity is all about! Never said C suite must be POC.

  7. I think many of the comments on this post reflect what happens when a CEO is successful at virtue signaling such things as what is on their iPod playlist or what books they read. Maybe Doug is trying to get an interview with Oprah’s book club.
    Personally, I don’t care what the airline CEO reads, what color he or she is, what color of skin “privilege” they may or may not have had in life. I don’t care what college (if any) he or she may have attended. I just want someone who can run an airline effectively and not rip me off in a moral fashion. I prefer if they keep their political views to themselves but all that seems so hard to ask.

  8. America’s best is a product of a diversity in America that is worth nurturing and encouraging. And that means inclusion of the under-represented when it comes to socio-economic opportunities for individuals who have been tossed onto a playing field that has been stacked against them in ways that are more difficult to overcome than it is for “the other”.

    China — and also increasingly India — is on an anti-democratic, fascist path of trying to advance the argument that increasingly mono-ethnic/mono-cultural countries’ ways are superior to the American way. In their mind, the authoritarian leaders of China and other countries built on majoritarian domination over minorities think of Japan as a role model. What they don’t want to acknowledge is that Japan is stagnant and marginalized in global relevance while America is anything but because America’s diversity has powered us ahead.

    Doug Parker is deserving of a lot of criticism, but his trying to understand the challenges the country faces because of systemic racism isn’t one of them. But of course the people who thrive on some kind of “keep those ************ in their place” sentiments aren’t going to see it that way — and that includes the people engaged in a culture war against America’s powerful diversity.

  9. @V.A. Gina
    “White privilege” is an excuse people who suffer from success envy use

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