These Baggage Handlers Trying To Futz With A Stroller Are Every Airport Dad Ever [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • These airline baggage handlers are every dad, ever. Moms pull this out of the car by the handle one-handed while holding their child, and open or close it in a single smooth flowing motion. Every mom in a window seat on this plane are looking out and laughing hysterically as these men push, pull, examine and inspect the stroller and just cannot figure out how to collapse it to get it onto the plane.

    But when you take the stroller down the jet bridge, aren’t you supposed to do the collapsing? It’s really the passenger’s fault here. (HT: Justin S.)

  • If any of these liquids were actually dangerous they would be handled by a hazmat team.. passengers wouldn’t be instructed to mix them all together randomly.

  • Why checked bag fees are at record highs I made clear that this does not fully explain it, but any story that fails to mention the tax code and any proposal that ignores the role of taxes is not serious.

  • There are video cameras everywhere at airports, so it’s the worst possible place to do crimes. like sexually grabbing a woman you see at the gate. Really bad idea anyway. But when you’re on video? (But then I guess anyone who would do this isn’t bright enough to realize the stupidity.)

    A man was arrested at the Nashville International Airport (BNA) on Thursday after police said he sexually assaulted another passenger.

    The alleged assault was reported to Nashville Airport Police around 11:20 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 29, according to an arrest affidavit. A woman told officers she was walking toward her gate when she felt “a single hand cup my left breast and squeeze.”

  • 3 passengers file $1 billion lawsuit over Alaska Airlines flight 1282

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  1. I was on a regional jet preparing to depart from IAD when a ramper came on to the plane to ask whoever left an uncollapsed stroller at the bottom of the stairs to come collapse it. This was at the ‘A’ gate area where you walk out to the aircraft without a jet bridge and then use stairs or a ramp up to the aircraft.

  2. The emptying the liquid bit actually makes sense.

    1) They aren’t concerned with the liquid per se, but what can be done with it.

    2) This is one of those situations where solving the problem makes it look like there’s no problem. If you can’t get your H2O2 past the checkpoint what’s the point in trying?

    Meanwhile, they get all the liquids in a container, especially an issue if the passenger wants to retain the container the liquid is in. (Somebody who forgot to empty a water bottle.)

  3. Sure Loren, but what is to stop, say, 10 people from each bringing on their legal limit of peroxide and then mixing it? Or maybe freezing it first and then putting the solid material into something innocuous? I’m sure there are lots of other ways to move a liquid without being noticed; drug dealers do something similar all the time. Good theater, though.

  4. Theater everywhere. Collapsing a baby cart is not a problem if you have done it on many different ones before. Supposedly dangerous liquids mixed together near passengers is so absurd that it is laughable. Everyone knows that the only danger is if someone throws their lithium batteries or certain cell phones in there. $1 billion lawsuit for fear? Why weren’t 9/11 airplane victim families compensated at such a level for actual deaths if that was anywhere close to the amount that should be given?

  5. @Gary – I’m gonna go out on a limb here but since the TSA folks don’t actually know what’s in a bottle they can either put every bottle through a mass spectrometer which would slow things down immensely or they can just direct everyone to dump their liquids. Why do you favor the mass spectrometer?

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