You Think Airport Security In This Country Is Bad? You Ain’t See Nothing!

Don’t do this in Kuwait.

“The passenger is a Palestinian with a Jordanian passport and he was born in Bethlehem in 1983,” a security source told the daily.

“He was not a resident of Kuwait and was on transit from Pakistan to Jordan. As the passengers were boarding, the traveller asked a steward ‘Are you a Muslim? We must liberate Palestine and eliminate infidels’.

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The passenger was taken off the flight and never heard from again. “[A]ll passenger luggage” was re-screened as the incident was treated as a bomb threat.

In Kuwait, they take Claude Rains’ approach to airport security:

Or perhaps, from earlier on in the film, “Realizing the importance of the case, my men are rounding up twice the usual number of suspects” even.

Forty seven people were recently arrested around the Kuwait International Airport.

Police officers at Kuwait International Airport arrested 47 people wanted for various cases, said security sources, noting that the suspects were arrested during a security inspection campaign in the airport’s parking spaces and surrounding areas. The sources added that detectives examined 230 persons’ IDs and found that 47 of them were wanted for forgery, theft, slander, assault and hit-and-runs.

Not only that, but a passenger was arrested “for suspiciously cancelling his trip only half an hour prior to his flight’s departure” — as though this is exactly the point of a refundable fare.

The man booked the trip two days out, went to the airport intending to take the flight, but had to cancel after he had already gone through passport control He was held for the entire length of the flight he had booked.

The TSA may not care much for following the law, but I’m perfectly comfortable opting out of naked imaging when I’m flying from or within the U.S. When asked to go through a nude-o-scope in Thailand, I follow the junta’s orders. And I realize that just taking photos of aircraft in the UAE can cause problems I don’t even want to contemplate.

Then again I imagine airport security in North Korea could be even worse. After all, when Kim Jong Un didn’t like the work being done on Pyongyang’s new domestic terminal, the official in charge was purged.

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  1. A lot of people who whine about things in the US have not experienced life outside of it.

    Yeah TSA sucks. A lot of other places can suck much worse.

  2. How does the security in Kuwait differ from those elsewhere? A man demands eliminating infidels and scream ISIS and you want their security to what? applaud him?

    Let us not forget what happens on US soil when innocent travellers are yanked off planes by the TSA just 1) for talking Arabic *gasp* on their cell phones, 2) watching an Arabic *double GASP* video clip on their cell or the most pathetic of all 3) an Italian professor for writing down an mathematical equation!

    Me thinks the TSA can learn from Kuwait on how to differentiate between real and perceived threat and you cannot argue with that.

  3. I dont have a problem with the jordanian being taken off the flight, a second check is warranted on those circumstances

  4. So, roughly 1/4 of the people loitering in Airport parking lots or outlying areas are criminally wanted? Yikes! I’m just DYING to go on my next flight! (sarcasm). There just isn’t any way to guarantee safety in a corrupt citizenry. I hope when I’m murdered that it happens rapidly.

  5. Kudos to Kuwait Airport Security, The Jordanian passenger was unstable & and made threats, They fallowed procedure.

  6. This guy is an idiot. The Advanced Image Technology doesn’t even show a nude inage, which you can clearly see because the dcreens are displayed for all to see. Stop complaining about radiation….bubch of morons. The same idiots that are stabding in front of the microwave on their cell phones. You get radiation from the sun, the one that you are closer to while up in the sky while in a plane.

  7. *Gasp* How did you know I stand in front of the microwave when talking on my cell phone? STOP WATCHING ME ! ! ! !

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