This 4 Year Old Speaks Truth About Passengers With Bare Feet on Planes

Bare feet on a plane are so controversial that a passenger with smelly feet drove another so nuts that he got stabbed on arrival.

That was clearly taking matters too far, but sticking bare feet into another passenger’s space or clipping toenails on board is clearly beyond the pale.

Usually we don’t say anything in the moment, and just take out our frustrations passive aggressively. Small children have no such filter and often speak the truth as it occurs to them. So it is with Rodney Small, flying from Orlando to Houston on May 16. He noticed something on his armrest. And his father filmed the reaction.

The boy 4 year old boy notes “some stinky feet behind me” and declares “It’s a lady!…Why do you have your feet behind me?”

She removed her feet from the arm rest.

(HT: @SEofDisorder1)

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  1. I’m somewhat in agreement with @Colin. I think these people are weird too, but there’s no shortage of weird and unpleasant things people do in airplanes. Maybe go after people who talk loudly into their phones when the phone should be off, or some other annoyance.

  2. From the mouths of babes come the truth! And is this not the dearest, most adorable child? Love it!

  3. From my experience a 4 year old knows more about what’s right or wrong than many adults I encounter.

  4. Lots of annoyances on planes. I think people who don’t silence their phones (ding – ding – ding) are either rude or too dumb to use the silence button.

  5. I’ve had this issue of people putting their feet into my space more than once on a plane.

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