This Conservative Activist Is About To Be Banned By United Airlines (He’s Already Banned By American)

Back in July David Harris, Jr. videotaped himself refusing to wear a mask on American Airlines and recommending viewers claim a medical exemption. This was before medical exemptions were disallowed on American (and United and Southwest, as well).

Two weeks later Mr. Harris, whose book title describes him as a ‘black conservative activist’, showed up at the airport to find he was banned from American Airlines.

Now he’s back, flying United Airlines and again refusing to wear a mask. He was traveling with Fox News and The Bachelor alum Jillian Anderson, and together they took to the sky on United to promote President Trump and mask refuseniks.

Maybe the craziest part of this is that they appear to be doing this as a stunt to promote My Pillow. Some will remember the My Pillow Guy pushing a snake oil cure for Covid-19 to the President and more recently promoting election conspiracy theories.

Oh, and using the anti-mask stunt to sell merch, too.

United, it seems to me, has zero choice but to ban these two.

Now, if they want to argue that the cloth masks many people wear won’t do much to protect themselves, that much is true, but they do protect others from them (source control). That’s why people should be getting better masks for travel, not agreeing to an airline’s rules when buying the ticket and when checking in and then breaking those rules once on board.

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  1. Yeah, he’s a “conservative activist” like I’m a member of ISIS. Just another asshat. Plenty of those around, including on the other political side of the spectrum, such as those “SJW” asshats that all too often self-declare as ‘human rights activists’, but align themselves with bigots like Farakahn.

    Sad that most times it’s the asshats on both sides that get the attention, and not the silent majority of good decent people.

  2. With Trump going the entire year without recommending masks, it’s no wonder that his sheep don’t bother thinking for themselves. All airlines should ban these types for life.

  3. Good thing Gary and his ilk only get “outraged” and pay attention to loony behavior on the Right. If they did equal coverage they’d spend twice the time being freaked out and outraged. Luckily their self-righteous hypocrisy saves them half their “outrage” time. lol

  4. @brady – you don’t seem like one who actually *travels* (just the type to come here to stir things up pre-11/3 Biden a$$ kicking of Trump) – why don’t you just take it to Parler where you will find all sorts of warm fuzzies?

  5. Seems we are hearing a lot of braying from folks suffering from Trump Deplanement Syndrome. If you are up in the air over Christmas time spreading good cheer and Corona 19 (ala the Thanksgiving surge) IMHO you deserve coal in your stocking whether you are an elephant or a jackass.

  6. why give this guy any further publicity? He’s obviously doing this to gain attention and ratings. It’s not really news worthy…another person taken off the plane because they agreed to wear a mask and now won’t. This isn’t really an article valid of reporting outside of inconveniencing everyone on that flight.

  7. The banned passenger is more Ignoramus than “Conservative”: Real conservatives endorse the rule of law, the force of contract, and the rights of private property.

    An airliner is private property. The owner or manager of private property has a legal right to exclude any person from their private property at any time, and for any reason, (or even no reason) — and regardless of whether or not the ejected person agrees with the reason. If the reason is claimed to be unlawful, that is a civil matter which can be raised in a legal claim at a later time.

    A person who boards an airliner has willingly and knowingly entered into a contract, in which they agreed to wear a mask at all times. The airline has a right to enforce the contract as entered into. The fact the passenger does not like features of a contract he or she knowingly and willingly entered into is irrelevant.

    No real or true “Conservative” could disavow the rule of law, the force of contract, or the rights of private property.

  8. tRUMP nitwits are running around like infected mice and leaving their droppings all over. Time to fumigate these idiot heads and keep them out of circulation

  9. Please don’t call these knuckleheads “Conservatives”. That implies that they have a coherent world view. They might be toward the same end of the left-right contiuum but that’s all they have in common with thoughtful Conservatives.

  10. Very sad….. No concern for others.

    I wish those making a choice to not wear a mask also took an oath to stay isolated and not seak medical treatment is they caught covid…

    My wife works in close contact with patients and now tested positive for covid and is not doing well.. We have been extremely cautious in our personal lives and even the hospital recognizes it as a work place injury… Exposed to a patient on oxygen who then tested positive…

    It is sadening… The two faced standard of ‘its my choice’ then come take care of me when I get it….

    So sad… So Sad… Thoughtless people in our country…..

    The cost of freedom use to be fighting in wars and dying for others. Now it is not wearing a mask and killing others in our own country…

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