This LaGuardia Airport Restroom Cleaner’s Pride In His Work Is Everything

Restrooms are often the most important place in an airport for passengers. They’re the first place many people visit when they’re departing on a trip, and even more often the last place they stop before departing the airport when they land. But they’re often run down and dirty. Nowhere has that been more the case than airports managed by the Port Authority of New York New Jersey. Yet LaGuardia has had a massive facelift.

And in a real turnaround, prior to the pandemic a restroom in New York LaGuardia’s terminal B was called the best public restroom in America. Now that Delta’s terminal C is open, it has the advantage of being both a little bit newer – and of employing this man who takes pride in his work keeping it clean and sharing his confidence in cleanliness with passengers.

In the Sydney airport you can shop while you go. They even have airport specials!

An airport restroom already starts out ahead if an air marshal doesn’t leave a loaded gun there. And if a hand doesn’t come out and grab you.

U.S. airport restrooms are perhaps most famous for former Idaho Senator Larry Craig’s arrest in a Minneapolis St. Paul airport restroom for having too wide a stance. That’s beginning to change as airports receive makeovers, but if their reputation turns around this man – rather than capital expenditures – may have more to do with it.

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  1. Was at LGA Terminal B yesterday. Shocked at how nice it is. Haven’t been there in years.

  2. That bathroom guy rocks.
    Wide stance. Forgot about Senator Larry Craig. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. The man at LGA just goes to show you that ANYONE can make a difference, regardless of their station in life. They just have to take the initiative. Clearly this man has. Hopefully the management at LGA have enough sense to recognize it.

  4. I visited the Senator Larry Craig stall at MSP but I was unable to tell which end stall it was so I went into both, laughed, and ran out.

  5. Was at LGA Terminal B yesterday. Shocked at how nice it is. Haven’t been there in years.

    Contrary to this site’s repeated prediction that the renovation of LGA was a waste NY taxpayers money, the airport has emerged from its reconstruction chaos as an award-winning architectural wonder:

    “Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport has been awarded the highest global 5-Star Airport Terminal Rating from SKYTRAX and is named the World’s Best New Airport Terminal in the 2023 World Airport Awards” — 15 March 2023

    “LaGuardia Airport Terminal B Wins DBIA and ULI New York Awards.” — 23 November 2022


    …and so on…

  6. Nice touch and a great man, however no straight man likes to be chatted up unnecessarily in a bathroom. Perhaps place a sign behind him touting his accomplishments and services?

  7. When traveling through LaGuardia, having access to a clean and sanitized toilet seat to substitute for your dining table in an overcrowded American Airlines Admirals Club helps passengers safely consume their signature menu items like scrambled eggs or oatmeal in the morning and soup or macaroni and cheese in the afternoon from the uncrowded comfort of a private lavatory stall. If American Airlines hires this employee to clean the LGA Admirals Club bathrooms, it could help ensure guests receive an exceptional Admirals Club dining experience just one step removed from the exclusive Flagship® First dining available at DFW, LAX, or MIA.

    Since American Airlines recognizes that “first class starts on the ground,” I hope the airline industry should recognize this LaGuardia airport restroom cleaner’s pride in his work with a special “Freddie award” featuring three stacked poop emojis in the same spirit as a chef receiving Michelin stars. I am confident that Sir Freddie Laker would agree. I would be happy to present this award.

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