This Passenger Pranked Three Employees At The Airport – And He Has a Great (?) Sense Of Humor

When you come off a flight you’ll often see a row of wheelchairs waiting to assist passengers. There are some people who request wheelchair assistance when they’re just fine, because they want the airport priority. They’ll get a better seat on Southwest Airlines, or at least ensure on other airlines that they have overhead bin space for their luggage.

There are people, though, who couldn’t fly without systems in place to assist them along the way. It’s an underappreciated part of air travel. What would you do if you were pushing a wheelchair and the passenger… fell out? What if you were a flight attendant, standing on the jetway, and saw this happen to one of your passengers?

And what if it was all a prank? This passenger deals with a lot more in life than I do each day, yet manages to maintain a great positive outlook and has fun with the people he meets. I find that inspirational.

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  1. I didn’t think it sounded funny until I saw that he has a legitimate handicap and was using it have fun with people around him. Good for him 🙂

  2. The camera went off him when he actually popped back up into his chair…I wanted to see that, he just flew up there with no effort it looks like 😐

  3. You find it inspirational yet it’s just another form of bullying. To prey on helpful and caring people like this is reprehensible. Just because the has a disability doesn’t give this guy license to act however he wants at others’ expense. This is awful, does this traumatize these helpful people to the point that they’re jaded as they help others in similar situations? Knock this crap off.

  4. Gee , Robert, did you notice the people laughing ? Dampen your righteous outrage until there is something that actually deserves it .

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