This Tyrannosaurus Rex Gave The Safety Demonstration Before A Eurowings Flight

Chriso Emberga shares what happens when a Tyrannosaurus Rex gives the inflight safety briefing on Eurowings, the Lufthansa-owned low cost carrier. It’s a little tough for a dinosaur to make nuanced movements, even leaving aside that they’re extinct. But it was Halloween.

The life vest doesn’t fit over his head and he eventually sticks it in his mouth in order to demonstrate pulling on the cord that would inflate it. The dinosaur does a better job demonstrating oxygen masks falling from the cabin ceiling, although it does appear at that point that the extinct creature has opposable thumbs. Watch to the end, because grabbing the overhead bin with its mouth is priceless.

Emerga assures that “[t]he safety instructions was performed during turnaround break after main duties were completed.” You can even see light coming in from the aircraft door – the door is open, the plane isn’t ready to push back. And there aren’t any passengers in the video. He further offers that “[t]he aircraft was in parking position” and that “[n]o dinosaurs were harmed for this clip.”

One Faceboook commenter and cabin crew member offered “I use to take a rubber chicken for the mask…grab it by the neck and ‘pull down firmly” by it’s legs -spread its legs and “place over your nose and mouth and breath normally’!”

By the way the best thing you’ll see today is two kids dressed as dinosaurs waiting for their grandmother at the airport, but they’re the ones who are shocked when she arrives. Much better than this Sheraton using dinosaurs to explain your divorce to your kids as a service included in its resort fee.

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