Two Kids Dressed As Dinosaurs To Wait For Grandma At The Airport. Then She Arrives And Shocks Them

Two years ago a grandmother came to the airport to meet her arriving grandchildren in Southern California – arrived dressed as a dinosaur. Her six year old grandson ran. He was bite-sized for a Tyrannosaurus Rex, after all.

A video shows his brother Ethan running away from the tyrannosaurus rex too. They stop fleeing from the person in the costume when they start recognizing her roar. “I didn’t know who it was,” Owen says. “But then I saw her face and knew it was my grandma!”

The kids lied in wait. Revenge, after all, is best served cold. They plotted to dress up as dinosaurs themselves and went to meet their grandmother when she flew up to Victoria, British Columbia. They “practised their roars” and when the day came they got into costume.

Moments passed after their grandmother’s flight arrived. And finally the sliding doors open. And the plot is foiled:

There the grandmother was “holding a suitcase and a coffee in a T-Rex outfit” says the young boy, “the exact same one she scared me with two years ago!” The kids weren’t scared this time, and the grandmother was proud because “it runs in the family!”

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  1. Your story says this is a US airport (southern California)when in fact this is Canada(Victoria, BC). The dual English and French Arrival signs should be your first obvious clue

  2. @Paul – I think you’re misreading. Two years ago they had a dinosaur confrontation in Southern California. This one, I write, was in Victoria, British Columbia.

  3. *lay in wait

    lie, lay, have lain (indicating physical position, actual or metaphorical)
    lie, lied, have lied (telling an untruth)
    lay, laid, have laid (placing an object somewhere)

    Sorry…can’t resist these low-hanging fruits!

  4. Who does this? Is the grandma a writer? Does she work in entertainment? Those costumes are very expensive so they must be a very rich family! Rich in every way ❤️ Love this!

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