This Video Got Fresno Ramp Workers Fired

Contract ramp agents at the Fresno airport have been fired over a viral video they posted to TikTok on January 24.

Apparently the workers filmed the video while they were on the clock – though after they “were done with work.” As one employee put it,

The plane for the day was already done, all the luggage was taken care of, all of our duties were done, so we decided to make a little video.

They were called in after the video had crossed 300,000 views. Although the rampers weren’t airport employees, the Fresno airport released a statement defending the firing.

In the video, the employees’ inappropriate behavior in the work environment displays poor judgment and does not reflect the conduct expected of individuals working at FAT.

The company employing these individuals has taken corrective action concerning the parties involved, as well as instructed the removal of the unauthorized video from social media. FAT is working with the company to retrain its staff on appropriate behavior and to prevent these types of events in the future.

I found the video mildly amusing because I lived in The ‘No (a.k.a. F-No) for six years. In my view any airport that’s referred to as FAT really can’t have high expectations.

Here’s the video, was it worth firing the employees over?


Welcome to Fresno #ramplife #voloris #airport #fresno #FAT #fyp #xyzbca yoshipowerup tommyychann 📹: @steven🖤

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  1. That is so discouraging that they can let their walls down and have a little fun and lose their jobs for that.

  2. I mean – their duties were done for the day. The military does shit like that all the time. Maybe we don’t post it though. Regardless, I’ve been to Fresno and agree – I think they were just having some harmless fun. So long as they didn’t damage property and got the job done, a reprimand at most might be worth it, but firing? Nah.

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