TikTok Influencer Gets Her Best Revenge After Being Scammed On Airbnb [Roundup]

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  1. Yeah, her best revenge was getting all of us to read that story and admire her fine butt. She makes $70,000 per Tik Tok post. $70k! For this one, she surely raked in many times more than that. So, yeah, the so-called scammer (if there really was one) actually did her a favor.

  2. I appreciated seeing some “good time” stories in this post…Thanks, Gary. We need to know that not every flight is some awful disaster!

  3. When Airbnb delivers, they are good but when they don’t they are horrible with absolutely no recourse!

    Regardless of the $$$ tiktoker, imagine if this happened to a family of 5. Case in points: our first prepaid rental in Lisbon (for 8 nights last July) was a fake listing – a shocking discovery when we arrived at the address at 4PM Sunday afternoon! So, this should tell you that Airbnb does not vet their properties as they should or doesn’t have a system in place to do so despite of the fact that they claim to be a high-tech firm. The second point is that after the initial shock and then a call to Airbnb to inform them of our predicament, and that we were stranded without accommodations, we were promised a response and a resolution in an hour. NEVER happened! We waited on the street (Paul’s Pastry Shop in downtown Lisbon) until 9PM to absolutely no response from Airbnb. Started to get dark and our kids were getting tired so I got on my IHG app and booked 2 rooms at the holiday Inn Lisbon on points (22K IHG points per room per night). Staff at Airbnb did not offer any assistance or alternative accommodations – absolutely nothing! For days they were stalling and offered only lip service – they were good at charging your credit card but nothing else! Congress (or someone) should investigate this outfit.

  4. Not sure how listing on AIRBNB ends up being a scam. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but unless AIRBNB changed its policy, the host does not get paid until after the guest check-in, so if a place does not exist how does the host get their scam reward? Also, this woman and her friends only got the assistance they got because of her following and the promotion that it would provide for AIRBNB. Anyone else would have been left on their own to find a place to stay. All I see in this video is a paid promotion for AIRBNB.

  5. Not sure how this “influences” anything except for a certain body part to grow larger. What have I missed out with the new era of marketing?

  6. Must be nice to be a construction company heiress and make $70,000 per post and have millions of followers.

    That’s why Airbnb helped. If it was me or you, the response would have been “too bad, so sad.”

    How many other 2023 college graduates can afford such a trip?

  7. Yeas ago I was flying from Dubai to Doha. I arrived at DXB to check in and the ticket agent said “Sorry Sir, but your departure is from DWC (Dubai World City Airport). That was a 45 minute taxi ride (65KM distance). I missed my flight. Lesson learned. :-/

  8. Putting aside the rich daddy’s girl with a nice body, this is why I rarely use airbnb, Too many scammers and too many bait-and-switch properties. At least with a chain hotel I get what I expect.

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