Did Tina Fey Just Sell You a New American Express Card?

The announcement of American Express’ two new ‘Amex Everyday’ cards generated huge buzz yesterday — even before the public launch with three commercials during the Oscars with Tina Fey.

It’s fantastic that they’re introducing a no fee full Membership Rewards-earning card. The basic ‘Amex Everyday’ card will be the only no fee card that earns at least one mile per dollar spent and lets you transfer points into a variety of loyalty programs.

And the premium card is strong for ongoing everyday spend.

Neither one is a premium benefits card, or a big bonus card. But many readers will find them useful… once they can finally be applied for on April 2.

In the meantime, to whet your appetite and build anticipation, here are the commercials for the card. The first one I like best.

Has Tina Fey sold you?

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  1. i hate to nitpick, but the card is swiped the wrong side in all the commercials.

    wonder why they dont advertise the 50% bonus, and only the 20% bonus instead?

  2. I hope these card with their 20/50% bonuses do ot impact transfer bonuses. AMEX may be thinking it is not wise to do a bonus on a bonus. However, this card will be a small portion of the overall MR points and they need to take care of the premium card members.

    I will get this card as a way to preserve my MR points in case I am without a gold or plat card.

  3. It would be really nice if this caused Chase to start allowing Freedom cards to transfer to loyalty programs.

  4. A loyalty program points transfer card with no annual fee…is this a sign that the an overall devaluation of membership rewards program is coming soon?

  5. “It’s fantastic that they’re introducing a full no Membership Rewards-earning card. ”

    This post is really confusing without “fee” in that sentence. 🙂

  6. I’ve had an AmEx Blue for many years; is this card a clear improvement in every way vs. Blue?

  7. Love the yogurt commercial, brings back the scene from “something about mary” I really like supermarket bonus and for a free card I’ll take the small signup bonus. I would hope if your already an AMex customer they would fore go a hard Credit pull.

  8. Why would anyone want to get involved in more points, more miles when you can get a str8 cash back?
    These companies reap what they have sow with point devaluations, and AMEX can do that too.
    They must think we are fools!

  9. @Amy:

    Immediate 2% cash back with 0% foreign fee [Fidelity] or 3% foreign fee and a vague promise that sometime in the future, maybe, you might get a flight to a place you don’t really want to go to on a date that’s not very good for you [this AmEx] for twice as many points as you were initially told.

    Yep, the choice is indeed clear! 🙂

  10. I meant to ask you this after yesterday’s post, but do you know if the gas multiplier will be limited to purchases of $400 or less? Thanks!

  11. @eddy – I have not heard of any such limitation on this card. That said, the card terms and conditions aren’t public yet, I only know what I’ve been told (in response to specific questions) and that’s not a guarantee of what comes out April 2

  12. The cash back comparison only works if you exclude the sign up bonus. Many will get this card, spend $6,000-7,000 in year one and get 42,000 miles for a $95 fee. That is a lot better than 2% back, or $120 + 95 (saved annual fee).

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