Tipping for an Upgrade and Refunding Priceline Reservations Plus 30,000 Bonus Points

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  1. I don’t really believe in the idea of promoting a bribery culture in the U.S. I’ve traveled to plenty of places where that’s how business is done, and how government officials get motivated to do their jobs, but do we really want that? Taking bribes to perform services that should be done as a regular part of one’s job, or for providing services that the customer is not by policy entitled to, should be grounds for dismissal.

  2. That Delta bag video is worthless — so it goes on a moving belt to the back area of the airport, onto a luggage cart, up on to the plane, off the plane, onto another cart, and then onto another moving belt? You don’t say–how revealing!

    Not only that, they didn’t show where the bags get abused and dropped dozens of feet at a time (or maybe it was during the TSA part?). It’s amazing how 90% of the dents in my metal suitcase are domestic-inflicted when greater than 50% of my travel is international. FWIW: The other 10% of my dents come from Italy. My bags always arrived without further damage in Asia, Mid East and Northern Europe.

  3. Why don’t the banks stop these devaluations? They’re the ones getting taken big. The only feature unknown Carlson had that made it stand out from others is being killed and US Bank will lose thousands of CC customers. What are the best transfer partners to dump Carlson points now?

  4. @DaveS, 100% agree with you. If I ran a hotel and found my front desk employees were taking bribes, I’d fire them. This is not a direction we want things to go in this world, and I’m disappointed that Gary continues to promote it.

  5. oooo–and Mary, I guess you forbid tips as well? It’s a tip for service (which is why you’ll notice almost all the commenters say they would pay it EVEN if the employee was not able to find a better room). It’s paid for extra service. Geez.
    No one is down in the gutter, here. Get off your high horse and walk among the people.

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