TMZ: The Octomom and Her Two Year Olds Fly a Transcon in Business

“The Octomom”, whom some would say has had more than her allotted 15 minutes of fame, had a kerfuffle with a TV actress on Friday evening while flying back from New York to Los Angeles.

The actress spoke up at the unruliness of Nadya Suleman’s kids during a delay prior to takeoff, wound up exiting the aircraft, and presumably the actresses’ spokespeople are the ones who contacted TMZ to meet the flight on arrival in Los Angeles.

  1. I cannot even fathom eight two year olds in business class on a transcon. Thank goodness I wasn’t on that flight.

  2. It could have been a publicity stunt staged by Malaysian to drum up support for their ‘no kids in first class’ policy. Alright, that’s probably a long shot.

  3. What is the Octomom doing flying business class, when her home has faced foreclosure?

  4. I wouldn’t have known who actress Kristen Johnston was either.

  5. Sadly, she probably didn’t open frequent flyer accounts for all her kids… preferably with a program that allows family accounts for mileage pooling.

I don’t generally read TMZ, but fortunately Milepoint member jmrich1432 does.

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  1. Kristen Johnston? Never saw “Third Rock” in the late 90s? It was an actually funny John Lithgow sitcom. She won a couple of emmys for her work…

  2. Good God, if I had redeemed points for business class, only to find eight screaming, snot-picking, seat-kicking midget barbarians behind me … My opinion about kids on planes remains unchanged. If you can’t control ’em, then they fly in pet carriers, with the rest of the animals. (Yes, I’ve had bad experiences flying in planes full of screaming brats.) I don’t care if “they’re just kids” or “kids will we kids”. Sorry. The expiry date on that excuse is long gone. Hauling a two year old onto a plane does not make you a special person.

    Now, flying business class with eight Kristen Johnstons … THAT I could handle. Hubba hubba.

  3. The other business class pax should have been reimbursed for an involuntary downgrade!

  4. If she did appear on the Today Show with her kids, NBC would have been contractually required under SAG to put her in highest class possible as I’m sure she has a SAG card.

  5. The Octomon is back in the “limelight” ‘cuz everyone’s feelin’ sorry for her kids. Are her kids illegally downloading tunes from the Internet yet? Then we worry.


  6. I can’t really see why the Octomom would be a member of Screen Actors Guild. What was the last movie that she made?

  7. I just flew transatlantic in (paid) business class with a family of five seated on the other side of the cabin. The 3-4 year old spent about two of 9 1//2 hours making a fuss, which his parents made only half-hearted attempts to deal with. It was pretty unpleasant. Eight toddlers??? The airline as well as the TV network would definitely be hearing from me.

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