Town Car Airport Transfers in Major Cities for $4 – $14

Via Ben you can currently get Town Car airport transfers in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas and San Francisco from $4 – $14.

Basically Groundlink is offering a discount off of their usual pricing through JetSetter, and new JetSetter accounts receive a $25 credit which can be used to pay for the car service.

So while Groundlink usually charges $38 for a Town Car from New York LaGuardia to Manhattan, they’re selling it instead for $29 through JetSetter, and your net cost is just $4.

Other airport options:

  • Newark to Manhattan, net $10
  • New York JFK to Manhattan, net $10
  • Chicago O’Hare to Downtown Chicago, net $14
  • Chicago Midway to Downtown Chicago, net $14
  • Las Vegas, net $14
  • San Francisco to Downtown, net $14

There’s also a $35 mobile voucher (net cost $10) which will give you up to $70$75 in GroundLink transfers, meaning it’s cheaper to use this option for Chicago, Las Vegas, and San Francisco than even getting vouchers for those cities. But it has to be activated using their mobile app, which means you need a capable phone and to download that app.

Here’s how to get your cheap towncar transfers:

  1. Sign up for Jetsetter. You get a $25 credit when you do. This is my referral link, when someone signs up with your link and makes their first purchase, you get a $25 credit as well.

    As is a perfectly fun practice, I’m also happy if you sign up and want to post your own referral link in the comments, it’s totally cool, someone may use your link instead of mine and I’m happy to see that happen.

  2. To complete the process you need to click Sign Up at the top right of the page, not just enter an email address, it will ask you to create a password. Then you’ll be logged in and you’ll see the $25 credit in your account.

  3. Then go to the GroundLink flash sale page.

Believe it or not the prices included tax and even tip, you’re permitted only one voucher purchase per person (though get your friends and family to buy them too…) and the vouchers must be used by July 31, 2012.

Even without the $25 credit the New York and San Francisco pricing is about the same or less than the cost of the cab. With the $25 JetSetter signup credit it’s in many cases cheaper to book a town car than to use public transportation.

Update: Thanks to comenters, worth noting that the voucher covers tax and tip but not tolls where applicable, and also corrected a typo that the mobile voucher is for $75, not $70.

Update 2: The offer now appears sold out.

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  1. “There’s also a $35 mobile voucher (net cost $10) which will give you up to $70 in GroundLink transfers,”

    FYI, it gives you $75

  2. Also read the fine print! The one-way airport vouchers include tax and tip BUT NOT TOLLS!

    Also, when you get the $75 credit “mobile voucher” – you now have to go off the prices on – which do not include tax, tip, tolls, or a $3 processing fee.

    Then, even when you use the App and it gives you a total – that total still DOES NOT INCLUDE TOLLS.

    Finally, and this is the biggest problem with this right now – I called JetSetter and they say the $75 mobile voucher can be used on multiple rides. Then I called GroundLink and they say it can only be used on one ride. So they obviously have some confusion here.

    When you buy the $75 mobile voucher for groundlink credit – it makes it seem like you get $75 credit on your groundlink account. But in order to use the credit, you have to enter a promo code when booking a car. Will the promo code remember how much “credit” you have left? Nobody could answer this question and I am supposed to get a call back. Very frustrating.

  3. If you look at the Jetsetter Q&A/FAQ at the bottom of the listing, the Jetsetter rep says on multiple occasions that the $75 mobile credit can be used for multiple trips. So, there is a paper trail and Jetsetter will have to figure it out.

  4. @Rob S these are the reasons why I only say the mobile voucher is ‘better than booking the more expensive cities’ not claiming you’ll get the equivalent of true $75 in value. Still a phenomenal deal, $10 for $75 worth of town car ride, but you may not be able to truly maximize.

  5. Gary, I think EWR/JFK also come out to a net of $14, not $10 as you state. I think everything except LGA is net $14.

  6. No, it is a net $10 when you go with the $35 “mobile voucher” option which gives you $75 credit to spend.

    I finally got a call back from and after speaking with their marketing manager they confirmed that the $75 mobile voucher is good for multiple rides BUT you must not create an account until AFTER you get your INVITE CODE.

    When you register an account on the app, there is a spot for INVITE CODE when you are signing up. You enter the “JSXXXXX” code here and your account gets $75 credit.

    If you just purchase a one-way voucher, that code would go in the PROMO CODE spot which is available when you are making your booking.

    Still pretty confusing but at least they confirmed that the $75 you are getting for $10 can be used across multiple trips.

  7. Rob,

    Did you receive your invite code yet? I’ve contacted Groundlink and they said to keep waiting, but I’m wondering if it really is going to come in 48 hours. I’m planning to use the mobile voucher this Sunday so I’m hoping it comes asap. Was the marketing manager able to help you with this? Thanks for your help in advance!

  8. Can you use the mobile voucher for transfers in LA from LAX? Have a trip coming up there….

  9. I didn’t bite because I looked at the fares here in DTW, and they are MUCH higher than MetroCars. And MetroCars isn’t the cheapest in town. And I looked at the fare from FLL to MIA and it was much higher than I pay other services to perform the same transfer.

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