Transfer Hyatt Points to Anyone You Wish for Free (and Use Their Elite Benefits)

I find that most people aren’t aware of Hyatt’s generous rules for transferring points between members. There’s no fee to transfer points and members do not have to be relatives or live at the same address.
You just fill out an submit a form to World of Hyatt.

Here are three reasons why this is super useful:

  • You can buy up to 55,000 points per year. You can receive up to 55,000 gifted points per year. But you can have other people buy points and transfer them to you as well.

  • If you know a top tier elite member you can transfer your points to them, and they can book an award reservation for you. Hyatt’s “Guest of Honor” benefit lets a top tier member gift their status for a stay when redeeming points for someone else. In this way, you do not need top tier elite status, you just need to know someone who has it.

  • There should be no such thing as a small number of orphaned points left in an account (potentially to expire)

Have a Hyatt Globalist Book a Guest of Honor Redemption for You at the Park Hyatt Vendome Paris and Receive Complimentary Room Service Breakfast

This is the form (.pdf)

Here are the terms and conditions.

VI. Combining Points

A Member may combine points from their account with those of one other specifically designated Member. A single Member may participate in a point-combining transaction (transferring or receiving of points) not more than once every 30 days. In order to combine points, the following requirements must be met:

(a) Each Member must have an active account to be eligible to combine points.

(b) A Program Point Combination Request Form must be completed and signed by both Members and submitted to Hyatt customer service. Forms are available by contacting Hyatt’s central reservation service. Completed forms must be returned to Hyatt via email as specified on the form. Once received, please allow between two and four weeks to approve and process the combination request.

(c) Points may be combined into only one Member’s account. Points received through transfer will be considered Bonus Points for the recipient. Once issued in the designated recipient Member’s name, the Member transferring the points will relinquish all rights to the combined points.

View of the Opera House from the Park Hyatt Sydney

Each member can be involved in a transfer just once every 30 days. And it involves a paper form that both members must actually sign and that you submit by email or mail. So it’s not as easy to do as Hilton’s new points transfers. At least it’s free, Marriott allows it but charges unless you have Gold status or higher.

Historically Hyatt described points transfers are only available in conjunction with an award redemption (you could only transfer at the time of redemption), although this wasn’t enforced. At one point the transfer form included a line for the award confirmation number, which was silly because most members cannot make award reservations without the points first having been transferred into their accounts (I’ve long been able to make award reservations – but not cash and points reservations – without points in my account as a top tier elite but that doesn’t apply to most).

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  1. Why in the hell would you post this? Do you have nothing better to do than draw attention to things that many of us find useful?

  2. This is so “Air Genius” and “sagacious”…

    The underlying message is encouraging/or promotes fraudulent activity.

  3. Dont like it as it is now. I think it should not have the requirement of only one transaction every 30 days. Should be only 1 receipt and 1 send every 30 days for each account at a minimum. Makes it tough for families to pool points on short notice.

  4. I don’t know why all the hateful comments. I needed this info in deciding if I want to get the Hyatt Credit card (again) under the current system or wait for the points bonus new card coming out on June 29th. I think I will go for that and get a card for me, my wife and my mom and then combine the points. I have more use for lower level hotels. And we can keep the points active. Very good.

  5. @Jocelyn – Most recent data point form submitted Friday afternoon, points in account Monday, not sure how long it would have taken without the weekend

  6. Thanks for putting out great content like this. I’m one of the many who reads but rarely comments but since you got so much hate on this I figured I’d chime in and say thank you. Here we are almost 2 years later and Hyatt hasn’t closed this “loophole” – why would they since it’s not a big loss for them. But for someone like me who has a few orphaned points in an account and would like to combine with my SO it’s helpful: we are able to book a room with points instead of having to buy some. (I got here because I was googling for info mainly to learn more about the “specific award” portion of the fine print – I’m glad you covered that piece and the history of it was helpful).

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