Trapped In A Plane And Forced To Listen To A Sermon, These Passengers Slowly Went Insane [Roundup]

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  1. Religion, like sex should be practiced ONLY by consenting adults in the privacy of their home.

  2. Jake Tapper should reveal his salary as well. He’s no ordinary “man of the people”. He is a media troll (I still can’t believe he gave a platform to Richard Spencer, then acts all disturbed my Farrakhan.). Anyways, Delta isn’t forcing anyone to donate. I got the same email, chuckled, and then deleted it.

  3. As for the singing guitar guy, I know he’s excited to spread the good word, but come on, that was not the smartest thing to do. At least his possey could have sung in the gate area. Lol, people are just very weird and self-centered. I can’t even imagine a group of Muslim zealots doing this on an El Al flight. It wouldn’t happen.

  4. Unless he was led by the Holy Spirit he should not have done it. However, if the Holy Spirit led him, the Spirit of God is higher than any authority or person’s opinion. There may be consequences for doing it, and that it what it is, but loyalty to the one true God is more important than anyone’s opinion.

  5. The “sermon” in the plane happened on a private charter flight. Notice that nobody was wearing masks: This would never be permitted on a US airline. Nobody was “trapped.” If you want to rant about ““I have a captive audience to get my message across,” consider directing your anger at airlines pitching credit cards repeatedly throughout every flight, even on red-eyes.

  6. @Texas@heart, Easyjet is a European airline and so they have different mask rules than in the USA. And people can be mad about both things the singers and the credit card pitches. It’s not an either or thing. Also, the credit card pitches aren’t done in six languages at a time. Mr. Neo posted that they sang in multiple languages. Also, imagine how pissed you would be if some anti-anti-vaxxer was praising Dr. Fauci and the vaccine? You would be sooo upset about it.

  7. I stand corrected. Mistakenly thought it was a private charter. And yes, I’d be just as annoyed by the singers as I am about the credit card pitches if this happened on a commercial flight rather than a charter. I miss the days of drama-free flying.

  8. @BKnoAlohatoday – I can name several incidents of “Muslim zealots” praying on commercial flights that did not end well. I can name no examples of Jewish or Christian ones with the same result.

  9. There are flights – usually to Israel -with ultra-Orthodox Jewish men who won’t sit next to a woman or who won’t sit down at all when requested by air crew. And C Brown’s comments are exactly why religion should be private- everyone thinks their religion is the true one, (and they can’t all be right) so meanwhile have some humility about your beliefs and stfu when trapped with others in a flying tin can.

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