Travel Influencer Sued For Deceptive Marketing, Sponsored Posts [Roundup]

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  1. “Antimasker”

    You mean a normal human person who isn’t hiding out in their basement over the sniffles?

  2. The Mask-Terrorists don’t like it when normal people disobey their commands to wear a mask.
    Meanwhile these same clowns who insist that YOU wear a mask, get caught in public all the time not wearing a mask.

  3. Imagine being so weak as to not be able to wear a mask for a two hour flight. Furries wear them all day. Are you weaker than a furry, Alan?

  4. I spent the last 10 hours traveling with a mask on my face, two flights. Just tested positive for Covid, my first time. Surely there can’t be anything wrong with The Science.

  5. I appreciate that your headline just reads “travel influencer” instead of her real name as to give less online content to her name.

  6. Regarding Islandia, there have been many attempts to create a nation from scratch. Basically none have succeeded except maybe Sealand, which is composed of artificial material (concrete in the ocean) and so automatically does not meet the accepted definition of a “land.” Some people have done it for fun, some as a political protest like Key West’s Conch Republic, others as an outright scam. A few were serious; I’ve the tokens that a man issued for Lundy Island in 1929 when he claimed that it was a territory unclaimed by any English county. (The British courts gave him a small fine and said don’t do that again.) The basic problem is that with the exception of Antarctica, which is under treaty, and possibly a couple of tiny strips between Egypt and Sudan which have no assets except killing heat, all land has been claimed. A fun topic though.

  7. International law defines what a country is. There are three elements to that definition. It has nothing to do with “claiming” it.

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