Truly Caring Moment From A Flight Attendant

We hear about stories of passengers beating up flight attendants, flight attendants having disputes with their airline or union, and flight attendants scolding customers. Maybe they’re kicking off passengers for their attire or – for much of the pandemic – over mask violations.

Whenever you hear the announcement that flight attendants are “primarily there for your safety” passengers quietly take a deep breath. It’s going to be a long flight.

Most of the time, though, interactions between customers and cabin crew are genuine and human. We just don’t hear about it.

One woman, though, had a rough experience on a Spirit Airlines flight. She was scared. And a member of the crew “literally got on his knees and hugged the lady” and it was captured by another passenger on the flight and shared to social media.

The flight was departing from Barranquilla, Colombia for South Florida. Spirit serves both Miami and Fort Lauderdale from ‘BAQ’ and we’re never told which was the destination. As the plane prepared to take off it experienced a bird strike and stopped at the end of the runway.

According to the onlooker, both the Spirit Airlines flight attendant and pilot were superstars,

This flight attendant is what customer service is all about! This flight attendant was a happy, reassuring face to a cabin full of scared people! The pilot was great in communicating to the passengers and ensuring our safety!

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  1. What planet are you living on? There are way more incidents involving flight attendants becoming belligerent and jeopardizing everyone’s safety by escalating in-aircraft tensions.

  2. If it had been United or American, the union FAs would have administered a savage beating to straighten the woman out.

  3. James, I think you really believe that!? Most people are in fact good, the nutcases make the news not the good people.
    10’s of thousands of flight’s are operated everyday. All being crewed professionally and as someone who travels a lot I have seen countless Flight Attendants interact in no way could be described as belligerent, in fact I’ve seen a lot of truly nice ones go above and beyond what the job requires Either way your understanding of basic math is below the 1st grade level or you just are delusional…
    I’ll bet you’re one of those that think the election was stolen too!

  4. ^^^^When someone tries to call someone out for being obnoxious by being way WAY more obnoxious.^^^

  5. @ Jorge — Sadly, it seems so, although I think the tainting was done primarily between 2015 and 2019, when a certain person got a lot of attention.

  6. If the flight attendant were a man, he’d be accused of sexual abuse or attempted rape. When a lesbian flight attendant does the hugging, no such accusation even though it may be sexual abuse.

  7. @derek – it is a guy – just with a man bun. The photo caption clearly says “he…got on his knees…”

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