Trump Supporter Nearly Kicked Off United Flight and Etihad’s Lie Flat Airbus A320

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  1. Gary, did you read the article about the Trump supporter? She was in fact NOT kicked off the flight. Sounds like a situation handled quite well by the United staff.

  2. The Trump supporter is like her favourite candidate a sociopath and SHOULD have been kicked off the plane for not reso vying shared space. or social order. She’s what we in little Britain call “a nutter”.
    End of story.

  3. The Trump supporter was NOT kicked off the flight, Mr. Leff. Only Crooked Hillary supporters need not board.

    As for Trump at the Hilton New York and not Trump Hotels and Resorts, please refer to your link/article when the criminals at Inside Edition (a front for Crooked Hillary Clinton) defaced his property with “harmless” (not) spray paint on the robes and sheets.

    @James Alexander

    You’re aware that Crooked Hillary Clinton is a criminal, right? Her Foundation is still under CRIMINAL investigation too, that hasn’t been completed. Keep dreaming, Hussein O’ won FL in 2012 by less than 75,000. Think Crooked Hillary will do better? I have 110K miles on CX that says I’m Trumpin’ to Hong Kong.

  4. Gary: Please correct your headline and article. The annoying passenger was NOT kicked off the plane (although it sounds like maybe she should have been). And can you moderate comments like those from @Melissa?

    @Melissa, no one wants to hear your spewing of epithets and baseless allegations. You sound a great deal like your hero, who seems to have the maturity and temperament of a 5-year old. Scratch that — kids in kindergarten are better behaved and know better than to call people names!

  5. @gary – strange you’d think any subtext is perfectly reasonable since you don’t have all the details and are surmising that’s what happened. And why would any preferential treatment be acceptable by DOT anyway? Shouldn’t DOT review cases impartially? If subtext were OK then couldn’t Haneda have been more along the lines of ‘we’ll give DL what it wants since we took a different slot away in the first place even though they played by the rules’? My point being that anything other than impartial is improper.

  6. and amusing that politics are being discussed. From my point of view neither major party candidate should be viable and it’s unfortunate that we’re stuck with both of them and that we will be stuck with one of them for the next 4 years. Here’s to hoping no one on the Supreme Court decides to retire/die in the next 4 years otherwise we’re really in trouble.

  7. @ Melissa — Have fun in Hong Kong. Trump is a LOSER.

    @ Gary — PLEASE do some Trump bashing tomorrow and Wednesday!

  8. @Robert I think I’m clear that I’m speculating, my suggestion is that ‘because United and Delta already fly West Coast – Beijing this is important for competition’ isn’t more than semi-reasonable at best, I don’t think there’s any truly impartial basis on which to offer a Solomonic decision and so DOT has to come up with something and often winds up needing to simply justify its preferred outcome anyway.

  9. Good grief. Why is Hillary being called everything except a child of God? The woman doesn’t run the Clinton charity. Bengazi, Bengazi, Bengazi. Lay Bengazi at the door of the US Congress. Do you remember the government, then not passing a budget. Before they brought the crazy, not being able to pass a budget, ended up with a continuing resolution. But it didn’t go that way with your rethuglican congress. There was this little thing call sequestration. It cut the national budget. Meaning, State had a budget cut too. Mission creep for State didn’t get funding for Bengazi security. Bet you don’t know where Bengazi is and you couldn’t find it on a map. Personal email server, BFD. Do you even know how documents get classifieds? You really need to stop trolling and get a life.

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