Trump’s Ex-National Security Advisor Says Chase Cancelled His Credit Cards [Roundup]

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  1. “General Michael Flynn” is a convicted felon who was working for a totalitarian Islamic state (Turkey) and never disclosed these facts.

    The Obama Administration warned Trump about Flynn before 1/20/17. Trump, of course, ignored the information. Flynn was National Security Advisor for less than a month. Trump later pardoned his corrupt official.

    Finally…who cares about Michael Flynn’s credit cards? How is this one of the “most important stories of the day”?

  2. Flynn is a disgusting POS – but banks should not be allowed to arbitrarily close accounts. They might decide tomorrow that there is reputational risk for having accounts for BLM leaders and close those accounts too.

  3. As much as I loathe both Chase and Flynn, if it wasn’t for their rewards program I’d really hate to do business with Chase. it’s ironic Chase cites “reputational risk”. It isn’t as if Jamie Dimon has a stellar reputation to begin with.

  4. @Robert

    Considering all that the blm terrorists have done I don’t understand why they haven’t.

  5. I don’t like Michael Flynn at all. But this incredibly disappointing from chase, convicted people should not be excluded from the financial system. You saw that with trump and signature bank and they received big lash back. It’s all part of the woke’ing trend in American corporations

  6. @ Gary — I sure hope they try to fly these helicopters. It won’t end well for them. They are just big hunks now. Of course, the lying sleezebags on Fox News will tell their moron viewers that these helicopters will now be used to kill Americans. Yeah. Maybe the Taliban watch Sling TV.

  7. Has Flynn ever been a Global Entry member? His TSA PreCheck approvals would have been able to come via his Pentagon affiliation at least for some significant period of his time flying around, even without a GE membership.

    Did financial institutions file a lot of suspicious activity reports on Flynn?

    Bankruptcy filings and IRS tax liens don’’t seem to generally result in GE denial nor revocation. Bank card account cancellations don’t either, but there could be the coincidental situation of a (bank’s/bank partner’’s) reputation search cancelling accounts due to the person’’s affiliation with the same activity that may result in GE denial/revocation.

  8. Flynn’s younger brother is a 4-star Army general who got a promotion in command a couple of months ago.

  9. Democrats – “Chase, you are an evil bank, quit screwing over all of your customers and being greedy, or else we will regulate you!”

    Chase- “No.”

    Democrats- “OK, fine, cancel all of Trumps buddies credit cards and donate us some money”

    Chase – “Deal”

  10. The Pittsburgh airport story was interesting to me as a Western Pennsylvanian. Even though the writing was probably on the wall, I still think US Airways was considered a bad corporate partner after dropping the leases so soon and with no even feigned attempt to make it work after the airline got to basically design the airport to their specifications.

    The other part of 9-11 that really worked against PIT more than normal is that they built a mall in the airport. Not shopping for travelers who need a last minute item or are bored. They marketed it as a place you should come to and exclusively shop like you would in any other suburban mall. They also promised the same prices (which was hit and miss depending on the store in my recollection). Prior to 9-11 when you could breeze through security rather flying or not it worked–after 9-11 it took a big hit.

  11. @Tom K
    You’re asking why credit card news is on ViewFromTheWing? Did you get your blogs mixed up?

  12. @ SeanNY2…Yes he is a convicted felon. That’s why Trump issued the pardon or don’t you know that either. The acceptance of a pardon is in fact an admission of guilt. Pardons do not remove the fact that the criminal is guilty. It just removes the penalties. Of course you have no knowledge of this since your argument is nothing more than “incorrect” Another brilliant GQP member I’d guess.

    @Mazz…relevant credit card information is fine. But what does convicted felon Michael Flynn’s issue with Chase have to do with anything relevant to the readers? It’s just more clickbait from Gary since he knows many of his readers are supporters of the fallen regime.

  13. It is not discussed enough how knee-jerk Chase is to take extreme actions to close accounts. I wonder what the incentive structure is inside Chase, are people commissioned for closing accounts?

    I dealt with a case just last month where a family member had no history of MS, under 5/24, been at least 3 years since applying for any Chase cards, plenty of cash unused in personal and business checking at Chase, never a missed payment on any card. The apparent sin was having a portfolio of Chase personal and business cards that have been little used over the years, the personal cards mainly hotel ones kept for certs, the business ones for a real though small business. Then last December with the forced conversion of the old Hyatt cards to the new World of Hyatt cards, and all the Hyatt promos, switched main personal card from an Amex to Chase Hyatt.

    Over the following months had a few thousand a month of mixed spend on the Hyatt card specifically to avoid anything looking like sudden major spend increase. In June, some large planned expenses reached half of the credit limit and before the statement even closed, Chase closed every personal and business card with their nasty letters.

    Calling in, the first agent asked many probing questions like are you supporting other people, then said there would be a callback. A week later, the second agent called, asked again about increase in spend this year, was told “Because I switched my main card from Amex to Chase.” This agent said, oh, ok, I’m re-opening all your accounts.

    The letters are final and threatening. How many customers will follow through to call in to deal with Chase? Compare to a bank like Amex that has the financial review process to pause accounts and assess the situation, with a variety of methods from fully restoring charging privileges to reducing limits to account closures. How does it make sense for the first reaction from Chase to be to shut down entire personal and business relationships, rather, than, say, have a banker call the customer to discuss with them?

  14. @tom k are you going to go burn down chase now that chase backed off from your partisan view point? I’m sure you have 10 masks on right now so no one can here your cries. Also, I heard China is a great place for one party rules

  15. Jogger above, absolutely certain every Klan member nation wide agrees with u that Flynn is a c hero and patriot. Also every other person who likes it when men grab women by their genitals.

  16. Chase is insane. I owed $.08 cents on their CC they can’t take cash as it is money laundering NUTS.. for $.08 cents

  17. Tom K from Seattle says:
    August 31, 2021 at 6:53 pm
    @ SeanNY2…Yes he is a convicted felon.

    No he was never convicted. The DOJ dropped the charges against him (due to their own malfeasance) before he was sentenced. Conviction does not happen until sentence is pronounced.

    I’m not surprised that people do not know this but it’s odd that people “know” the incorrect answer to be true and post about it.

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