Truth Telling: There are Almost No Terrorists Here, and Another Frequent Flyer Program for Sale

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  1. Even fewer people die a year in Bengal tiger attacks, so we should probably let a whole bunch loose on the streets of Manhattan too…inclusiveness and all.

  2. Delta eliminated PIT-CDG as a part of the same move. So not sure if there is a true net increase in seats or just a reshuffle of the deck.

  3. Talking about what US carrier flight attendants serve is sorta comparing Denny’s to what’s the name of that other crappy diner? US carriers are DEAD they one out when America was great Again……….LOL…………God my /California freeways have so MANT chug holes I need back surgery after a short drive………when in France I go an entire 30 days and never hit a bump………..while I’m eating pomme frites no less! God bless America!

  4. Rob- false equivalence- the correct analogy would be, few people die in tiger attacks each year, so we shouldn’t worry about being killed by a tiger.

    Someone thinks Air Asia should sell their frequent flier program? LOL- they clearly are not a member. Having signed up, and flown Air Asia ~50 times in the last couple of years (had a business in KL), I can confidently say it’s worthless. I never got a redemption, and in fact just cashed out my remaining Air Asia miles for a $3.40 discount on my next flight. No one would buy that program!

  5. I actually feel better now knowing this idiot is not employed in any job that involves moving parts.

  6. Once Air Asia sell the subsidiaries and still use their services, without control they run the risk of higher prices being charged to them by new owners. That will increase fares ?

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