TSA Makes Fun of Silent Bob’s Clothes

Mark Zuckerberg, when he’s not testifying before Congress, famously always wears the same t-shirt. He has plenty of them. That way he doesn’t have to think about what he’s going to wear that day, and can focus all his thinking on Facebook. Or so the story goes.

Kevin Smith, the writer/director of movies like Clerks and Chasing Amy, almost always wears a hockey jersey. So that’s what’s on his drivers license.

And TSA document checkers makes fun of him for it at the airport.

You know who else always wears the same thing all the time? Cartoon characters.

Smith always wears the jersey, of course, unless he’s dressed as Silent Bob.

He’s had altercations with Southwest Airlines in the past as well over their passenger of size policy — requiring large passengers to buy two seats, but refunding the second one if the flight isn’t full. He even vowed never to fly Southwest again, a promise he kept for no more than a year. Since his heart attack this year though he’s lost quite a bit of weight.

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  1. Remarking that he’s wearing the same shirt is making fun of him? Seriously? He needs to grow a pair.

    I’m sure Southwest is delighted that “Silent Bob” flew on other airlines. It’s not like he would be missed.

  2. Gary, maybe cut down on the coffee a bit? Or something?

    Commenting “You’re still wearing the same shirt” isn’t making fun of someone. It’s just making a comment. I appreciate a quick exchange of pleasantries with the agent checking my ID and boarding pass (as long as it doesn’t make the check materially longer, which it generally doesn’t) and if I happened to be wearing exactly the same item as in my picture I’d consider that something worthy of comment by the agent and I — and I imagine this is true of anyone who isn’t actively looking for offense — would not feel insulted.

    And, in fact, nothing in the tweet you cited indicates that Mr. Smith is offended by the comment.

  3. I agree with LarryInNYC, and I’ll add that it suggests the agent is alert and observant. Isn’t that what we want in a TSA agent?

  4. Just another piece where Gary complains about anything and everything that stands in the way of him getting from the chauffeur-driven Escalade to sucking down mimosas at the Centurion Lounge. Keep Climbing Gary!

  5. I watched that clip because I know nothing about this guy or the movies he does. Well, that was a total waste of time and now that junk is occupying memory cells in my brain. Do us a favor and next time just tell us his work is not worth watching. Or at least post a disclaimer over it.

  6. @LUV has gone by lots of names over time, the comments never seem to make any sense, though they have been anti-semitic and frequently go off on Hillary Clinton bashing tangents for whatever reason. So, alright.

  7. My goodness. These other commenters are taking this soooo seriously. Y’all need to lighten up. This is a light-hearted post about a light-hearted tweet from a comedian who, by all accounts, is really nice and down-to-earth.

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