TSA Screeners Came To Work With Covid Thanks To Agency Policy [Roundup]

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  1. Regarding the escaped robot vacuum, you may be interested in reading an article titled “Robot vacuum cleaner trained to dodge pet feces.” Some passengers have written to say American Airlines really sucks, so there is no apparent need for this airline to use an onboard robot sucking cabin cleaning vacuum.

    Last year, American Airlines changed its policy on service animals which helped reduce stepping in pet poop on flights. Jessica Tyler, President of Cargo and Vice President of Airport Excellence for American, said, “We’re confident this approach will enable us to better serve our customers, particularly those with disabilities who travel with service animals, and better protect our team members at the airport and on the aircraft.”

  2. If case any haven’t caught a clue, the vaccines have failed. In Isreal even a 4th dose isn’t enough to stop covid. You almost certainly will get it. Masks and distancing only delay the inevitable.

    Might as well go to work.

  3. @warrentrout Yes, you are right. The vaccines have not stopped the spreadof COVID. And yes it appears that we are all likely to catch it eventually, vaxed or not. But the reality is that your odds of dying from COVID are much, much higher if you fail to get vaxed. That is a fact, not an opinion.

    So maybe you will avoid it. But will everyone in your circle (wife, mother, father, son, daughter, best friend, etc.) be as lucky as you?

  4. Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and indeed seeing that sign brings back to me the days of Dividend Miles. I miss them.

  5. The holiest of holies, science himself, Lord Fauci commands you to say from the book of holies…….Muh Muh Muh Science. And you do. We laugh and mock you @Pete

  6. @warrentorut. You cannot spell, let alone conjugate a sentence. I will solicit the advice of Dr. Fauci so you can keep your silly opinions to yourself.

  7. Now in many realms, including health care, they are telling people who are asymptomatic to work anyway due to worker shortages. But mandates persist. So unvaxxed healthy people are sacked creating a labor shortage and then sick vaxed people are told it’s fine to work anyway. Nothing about the response to this virus has been sensible.

  8. I support. In fact, it is. You simply have not come across those who simply did not even have time to get vaccinated and suffered very much from this. It seems to me that it is always better to play it safe than to hope for something. Is it possible that your health is not as strong as you would like? If everyone were vaccinated, then Covid would be much easier to tolerate. https://discovercbd.com/products/99-cbd-isolate-hemp-powder-zero-thc This was the essence of this procedure.

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