Where Are All the TSA Screeners? Working Presidential Campaign Events!

While the TSA cries that they need more money to staff checkpoints, it turns out that 1500 TSA agents have been re-assigned to work security checkpoints at campaign events.

When the Secret Service needs help running security for a political event they turn to the TSA.

…Senator Sanders has been the largest beneficiary, with roughly 755 TSA agents present at his rallies. Mr. Trump has had the second largest TSA presence in the past two months, with 587 agents assisting the Secret Service. Secretary Clinton is in a distant third, with 178 TSA agents at her events since the beginning of April.

Where TSA could really make a difference staffing up airport checkpoints, of course, would be to return 2,800 TSA Behavior Detection Officers back to their original screening duties.

(HT: Reid F.)

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  1. So now Sanders’ continued hopeless campaign has real costs for average Americans

  2. Huh? WTF??????? These same TSA screeners who miss 95% of the dangerous weapons attempted to smuggle through their checkpoints are now screening at presidential candidate rallies and events?

    This is an accident waiting for a place to happen.

  3. @jc – comforting, isn’t it? Guess that’s why Trump has been wearing a bullet proof vest for months. He doesn’t trust TSA agents either! TSA is the winner of the theatre of the absurd award. So glad I have my fewest airplane flights ever booked this summer. Just when you think the government can’t get any more screwed up – or screw the average taxpayer any more – you find out it can. If Trump can convince me he really can run off “the estsblishment” I’ll vote for him. If not, I’ll sit this one out and say I told you so.

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