Twitter Giveaway: 2 Free Hyatt Place Hotel Nights and 2 Months’ Personal Assistant Services from

I recently gave away two Hyatt Place hotel nights and two months’ personal assistant services each to two lucky readers of this blog.

I admit, these giveaways take up time and attention, especially while I’m on the road.

And there are more coming, I mentioned that I’ll be giving away a high-end laptop bag shortly. And of course there’s the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card-Boarding Area Australia Gold Coast trip giveaway which you can enter here, it includes airfare and hotel and meals, plus cash and cash equivalents to cover taxes on the prize.

So this blog has definitely been inundated with reader giveaways of late. And in between international first class cabins, beach resorts, and the like (trip report of some sort likely coming), I’ve still managed to let y’all know about Hyatt’s Faster Free Nights redux (just scroll down a few posts) and the Amtrak Mastercard with 36,000 points as a signup bonus.

But I’m going to try something a bit new, I don’t want to inundate this blog with nothing but giveaways, I’m going to try a giveaway on Twitter as well.

Hyatt Place offered me a two night stay in addition to two months’ personal assistant services, on top of the two prize packages they offered to have me give away. Well, I’m here looking out for my readers (whether on this blog or twitter) and I’ve decided not to keep the nights for myself.

Instead, I’m giving away this additional package of two free Hyatt Place hotel nights and personal assistant services on Twitter.

Here’s how to enter — follow me on Twitter and tweet:

RT to enter (up2 5x/day)+ follow @garyleff 2win 2 Hyatt Place hotel nights+ 2mo personal asst services.

You can enter up to 5 times per day, and I will pick the winner at random from amongst those entering by 11:59pm Eastern time on Sunday, March 28.

You have to continue to follow me on twitter of course to win, otherwise I won’t even be able to notify you that you’ve won!

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  1. Love your site, but not this particular contest. I actually unfollowed you on Twitter for now. Too many tweets!

  2. It’s very generous of you to give away the hotel nights. But I am opting out of this give-away because I’d rather not “spam” my precious followers five times a day with these re-tweets. I know, I could also just create another twitter account with no followers, but that wouldn’t seem like playing fair.

  3. That’d be alot of spamming my friends in order to maximize my chances of winning.

    I bet if you changed it to once a day retweeting, you’d have more entrants.

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